Pittsburgh faves 1,2,3 have just released a wonderfully creepy video for their equally creepy song, ‘Darkly Through The Valley.’

Happy Halloween!

“I quit 1,2,3 on December 26th, 2012 and it felt amazing. The band was a year and ten songs into an album that had worn me to a husk. Out of economy and ambition, I decided to take on full production duties in the dank basement of an old stone house I was renting on the outskirts of Pittsburgh. If recording software was a guitar, I would only have known the power chords. I slept very little. While writing lyrics in my head, I pulled ink through a screen during the day to make rent. In the evenings I recorded and drank beer with my band. We were making a double album, it had been decided, called Big Weather.”

The band returns to performing this Friday for the “Big Weather” Album Release Party at Brillobox that should not be missed! I want to thank Josh Sickels (Drums), Nic Snyder (Guitar/Vocals) and Chad Monticue (Bass/Vocals) for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

Thanks, guys. I am SOOO looking forward to this gig. Great to have you back!

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1,2,3 at their rehearsal space on Monday, May 19th, 2014 in Pittsburgh, PA.

Only the second time I have seen the band but have been digging their debut release for awhile so it’s always nice to hear live arrangements of familiar tunes. Strange venue for the band though. The austerity of lecture hall has the audience ‘sitting on their hands’ for every show I have seen there. The band seemed a bit taken aback from the drop dead silence in between songs. Regardless, they soldiered through with a terrific set. I am sure the vibe was quite different at the sold out Brillobox gig this past weekend.

This show was a blast. With free beer flowing, everybody seemed to be psyched to be finally seeing the live Pittsburgh debut of 1,2,3 for their big hometown CD release gig. They had a lot of expectations to fill and I am so happy to say they were met and then some. This is a fun live band and I have been listening to their debut all day. Their next and only scheduled Pittsburgh gig is July 11 supporting Cut//Copy at the Altar Bar. More photos here.

If you read and believe the hype surrounding these guys, they are the new band to put Pittsburgh music on the map. Whether or not that is the case is to be determined but they do have some cool pedigree to back up that claim. They have been picked up by Frenchkiss, have toured to support some name-worthy acts recently and let’s not forget the whole The Takeover UK history. Their debut CD release gig is tonight and I am told if you want to shine, get there early as this will be a crazy sell out. With all that is seemingly blowing up around them, it was really nice of Nic and Josh to participate in this ‘Awesome Shop Debut CD Release Edition’ of First/Last Fridays.