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Altar Boy is an emo pop band from Pittsburgh who just released their debut self -titled EP this morning via the fantastic local boutique label Crafted Sounds. They will celebrate with a house show next Saturday (3/24) also featuring Closer (NYC) and fellow locals edhochuli and Space Buns Forever. Seriously, if you ever wanted to experience the vibrant DIY scene going down in Pittsburgh, hit up this gig. I want to thank Jake Doerr (Guitar/Vocals) for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

The first album you ever bought?

Silence in Black and White by Hawthorne Heights. I think I cringe every time I answer this question but,honestly, it’s such a good album.

Your last album bought?

A digital copy of Wait For Love by Pianos Become the Teeth. I’m only a week into it, but so far I think it’s incredible.

Favorite album of all time?

Bring Me Your Love – City and Colour

– HANDS DOWN. No matter what mood I’m in, or what kind of day I’m having I can always go back to that album and find something new to fall in love with.

Least favorite/most disappointing


YEAH Metallica’s self-titled aka The Black Album for sure.

First concert attended?

The first show I ever went to was with a close friend of mine in the eighth grade. We had his mom drop us off at the Altar Bar to catch Horse the Band open for The Chariot, and Norma Jean. It was honestly one of the most incredible things I’ve ever witnessed. There weren’t too many people there; especially for the size of the venue, but that didn’t stop K.C. Wolf from hanging from the ceiling and throwing his bass 10 ft. in the air.

Last concert?

I just recently had the opportunity to play with the boys in Rchrd Prkr and it was really sick.

Least favorite concert?

One time I went up to Penn State main to see MGMT and they were pure trash live. I did get some pretty good take out that night though, so It ended up being a decent little trip.

Favorite thoughts, experiences about Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh is a really dynamic city, man. There’s something here for everyone to appreciate and get into with passion – I really love that about this city.

Most of the local shows here have a charisma and energy that you don’t really see all that often.

It’s all about getting together with your friends having a good time and meeting new people to share life with. I don’t think that I would be who I am today without the friends that I’ve met playing music in Pittsburgh over the years and I cannot express how grateful I am for that.

Thanks, Jake. Fantastic thoughts on this scene we have here, man. We get out of it what we put in and the foundation is to have fun doing it. After that, the good will come.