““It’s a golden road trip,” reflect the band’s lifestyle- born on the road in the fall of 2013 and living and touring full-time in their self-converted 1997 Dodge van, the music they write reflects their way of life. With a modern take on folk sound and pop structure, their songs draw inspiration from the stories and landscapes of North America. The constant travel draws new and evolving sounds from the duo, and their current tour (with San Francisco drummer Liliana Urbain) will bring them across the country to the hills of North Carolina, where they plan to hibernate in preparation for the recording of their sophomore album.”

Band of Lovers is an acoustic chamber pop band from upstate New York who will be in Pittsburgh Tuesday night (5/31) at the comfy confines of Snake Hill with Pittsburgh folk fave Brad Yoder. I want to thank Dave Strumfeld (Guitar/Vocals), Sabina Beachdell (Ukulele/Vocals), and Liliana Urbain (Drums/Vocals) for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.