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Image courtesy of the band

I know this is a photo blog and all but there are several local gigs this week that I wanted to highlight and give a little exposure to. With that said, I am once again celebrating with a First/Last Week! First up is relatively new band (new to me that is) on the Pittsburgh scene called The Buffalo. They have a show tomorrow and if you like down and dirty garage rock, you will love these guys. They have some raw rehearsal audio up on the Myspace to get a feel of what they are bringing to the table. There is a free EP available from the band here. They also have a blog with lots of stuff going on there. Guitarist & vocalist Darin Pallila was cool enough to participate in this Sunday edition of First/Last.

Thanks Darin. I like your classic rock influences going on there. ‘New Morning’ as a desert island disc? Awesome.

I love revisiting older photos. Again, why I wait to post them is sometimes beyond me. This was the most ‘rocking’ I have ever heard the band. Boca Chica ROCKS! Sounds good to me.

UPDATE: I wanted to mention that there is a Kickstarter campaign to help out the band in recording it’s new album. Info here.

This release show was unconventional in the sense that there was no physical CD available. Instead, the band is looking towards the future and has a limited amount of vinyl for sale and the option of a download card, which, let’s face it, is what everyone is converting their CD’s to anyway. Are compact discs really becoming irrelevant? Maybe so. Regardless of the format, the ‘album’ is killer and I highly recommend it. Get yours by contacting the band at horseorcycle@gmail.com.

I also wanted to point out that in the audience there were various members of several different local bands, which is not an uncommon sight to see. It always amazes me the support everyone shows for each other in this community.

Boca Chica opened the night and Hallie wrote about it here.