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“Blaudzun is the alias of Dutch singer-songwriter Johannes Sigmond, who has been working on his own behalf since 2007. In January 2012 Blaudzun released Heavy Flowers (V2 Benelux) his most dynamic LP to date, in which his remarkable voice, haunting melodies and dramatic string arrangements coincides with a love for folk and art rock. With this third collection of songs Blaudzun again surpasses his previous work. Ever since the release of his debut album Blaudzun in 2008, the Dutch Johannes Sigmond goes by the name of Blaudzun. He surprised music fans and critics, and received rave reviews, which he even surpassed with his second album Seadrift Soundmachine (2010). The widely acclaimed album and subsequent live shows caused his definite breakthrough in the Netherlands. His music has been likened to indie pop and folk rock and is aesthetically compared to Arcade Fire as well as to Ryan Adams and Antony & The Johnsons. The various comparisons show that it is difficult to stick a label on this man.”

Check out Blaudzun at the official Website, Twitter and Facebook. His latest album, “Heavy Flowers” is available in the U.S. today. I want to thank Johannes Sigmond for taking a few moments to participate in this edition of First/Last.

The first album you ever bought?

Probably a mid-priced CD of King’s X. I think it was called “Gretchen Goes To Nebraska”. Those days I collected mid-price albums because o

Your last album bought?

“METZ” by Metz. Love it!

Favorite album of all time?

That’s always a tough one. If you count out Dylan, Cash and Bowie records, there are probably five or six albums that switch first places now and then in my list of favorites. I think “Kid A” by Radiohead is my number one most of the time. Followed by “Revolver” (The Beatles), “Seven Swans” (Sufjan Stevens), “Doolittle” (The Pixies) and “Histoire de Melody Nelson” (Serge Gainsbourg). Ouch, I forgot Nirvana’s “Nevermind”…as I said, a tough question.

Least favorite/most disappointing album?

Disappointing albums are the ones that come after a very good one. I try to forget those right away, so there’s more room in my head for great albums.

First concert attended?

First rock show I actually went to with friends and beers and what goes with it was a King’s X show. The concert wasn’t mid-priced by the way. Great tunes, good times.

Last concert?

When I’m on tour, I haven’t got the chance to go and visit clubs or venues that often. Last month I missed Radiohead for the first time ever when they were in Holland because of it. Most of the time I watch shows at festivals where I play myself. I saw a Santigold concert from backstage the other night, that’s probably the last show I saw from start to end.

Favorite concert ever?

Sigur Ros when they just released “Takk”.

Least favorite concert?

I don’t have a least favorite concert. When I hate a show or the sound I’ll leave before my second beer. That’s why I can’t compare any of them.

Any thoughts, experiences about Pittsburgh?

No, not yet. I know they play football over there, but I’ve never been there. Hopefully that will change.

Thanks, Johannes. Hopefully a U.S. tour (and more specifically, a Pittsburgh stop) is in the future. Wold love to buy you a beer.