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Farm Aid returns to the Pittsburgh area this Saturday (9/16) with a stacked all day lineup that promises to be an amazing time. Prior to that there are several events associated with the show that highlight the need for this ongoing charitable program now on it’s 32nd year.

A full list of happenings can be found here, although if you are into music as much as I am, you want to head on over to Wigle Whiskey Barrelhouse Friday night for the official Farm Aid Eve Pre-Show catered by Kimberly Ashlee utilizing food from local family farmers and featuring a performance with Bloodshot recording artists Banditos.

Long a fave of this blog, the Birmingham/Nashville honky tonk,rock band is touring behind it’s fantastic sophomore full-length, Visionland.

I have seen Bobby play four times now and I feel lucky each time considering he draws an average of eight people in Pittsburgh, until this gig where there were real ‘fans’ there to see him. By ‘fans’ I mean a contingent of loaded older gals who were either digging his vibe or digging their buzz. Either way it was a good sign that he actually might be building a base here, even if that base are drunken MILF’s.

These guys were good. I never heard them before and although I wasn’t blown away by any means I definitely would see them if they rolled through town again.

I was thrilled when they announced this show, a sort of thank you from the coolest record label in the world to it’s fans. I was then immediately bummed that it was on the 4th, family commitments prevented me from getting there before fireworks. I am glad to say I was still treated to some great music, The Bottle Rockets included, who’s set time was pushed back from 8 to 10:30! They sounded superb and there was a surprisingly decent crowd there to cheer them on.

I just found out about this from my buddy. Sick line-up, FREE, and it’s on July 4th to boot. Thank you Rock & Roll Gods!