I am losing count on how many of these annual events I have been to. This year featured Nik & The Central Plains, The Wreckids, and J.D. Eicher & The Goodnights. Three hours of free local music is always a good thing. More pics here.

First time seeing these guys play. Since it was a bookstore, I half expected an acoustic set. Not to be, thankfully. They rocked out the joint, that’s if you can call somewhat sensitive, acoustic songwriting rockin’. Unfortunately, I had to bail halfway through the show to catch bands in two other locations that afternoon. No worries, I’ll see them again soon enough.

Boca Chica
11th Annual WYEP Alternative Souper Bowl
Sunday February 7, 2010
Borders Books And Music
East End

Continuing the tradition of performing with an ever-evolving line-up, the band’s set consisted of the two mainstays in the group. Hallie and Susanna sounded just perfect as a duo. Spare, low-key, beautiful renditions of the tunes. I tried to find an archived podcast of the broadcast on YEP’s site with no luck. For some reason I don’t think they have any of the Souper Bowls available to listen. More photos here.

I never saw Ernie play before and I have to say there is nothing like live fingerpickin’ blues on a snowy Sunday morning.

WYEP 10th Annual Alternative Souper Bow

I love the fact that this band was on the bill this year and they included (albeit short and toned down a tad) a signature ‘feedback’ segue in their set…in a BOOKSTORE! More tomorrow.

As Nicloe started singing, Moe Tucker immediately came to mind. Her delivery reminded me of The Velvet Underground’s song ‘After Hours’. I also was amazed at how small her hands were. Usually guitar players have skinny hands with loooong fingers, but she has little paws. Sure knows how to use them, though!

This band was BOSS! By’ boss’ I mean surprisingly good. A virtual familyaffair (Dad and Son on ax, daughter on keys and cousin on skins with a family friend on bass) who play incredibly accessible rock and roll music. Love it!

Borders Eastside East Liberty This is always a nice diversion to the big game later in the evening. I have been going for three years now and what a way to spotlight and discover local music. I’ll have much more in the days to come.