I never understood the appeal of Jimmy Buffett. I went to a show fifteen years ago and came away with images of drunken slobs wallowing in their own vomit. His music is O.K. but nothing spectacular. It wasn’t until last week covering the show that I finally had an epiphany as to why this guy is so popular. Everybody was just having fun. He could have come out and played goth metal for two hours and the crowd would have still loved it. Setting aside the trials and tribulations of daily life for one night is evidently priceless. For those wanting to cut loose a little bit, he definitely offers the opportunity. Not a bad gig at all.

I dig the Truckers. I have seen them several times and was excited that we got them as Petty’s openers. I couldn’t get over how good they sounded out on the lawn. Loud, clear, and rockin’! What more could you ask for? Setlist here.

This was by far the biggest show I have ever shot. 31, 000+ people suffered through a disgustingly hot afternoon to pay homage at the altar of TP&THB. Lots of classic songs on the setlist to satisfy anyone even remotely interested in him. I also have to say that I love shooting here. I know an easy way to get there, the staff are so nice and professional to photogs, and they have the biggest bands. Could it be that this little ‘ole blog is finally getting some cred? Man, I sure hope so.

I was fortunate enough to obtain a photo pass for the bands set opening for Dave Matthews. Being my first experience with a pass at the venue, I was struck by the precision of the operations and restrictions that come with it. Talk about a well-oiled machine. Being the opener, the band played to what seemed to be dozens of uninterested people. I believe the lack of enthusiasm really affected the band who only seemed to perk up during their last few songs. Bummer. More photos here.