Dream Phone at Carnegie Library Main Branch (Quiet Room) on Sunday, April 12, 2015 in Pittsburgh, PA

Tonight at Brillobox is a very sweet bill consisting of Robin Vote, Blød Maud, Littler (Philadelphia) and the gals of Dream Phone. This is one fun band to see. They have a ’60s girl group inspired garage pop sound and contain members of local faves The Harlan Twins, The Lopez, Roulette Waves, Paddy the Wanderer and Delicious Pastries. You can thank me later.

This was my fifth ‘Souper Bowl‘. The venue change from the now closed Eastside Borders had the crowd spilling out into the stacks. Free music before the big game is always a good time. Check out more photos here.

The night before the set, I was feeling all kinds of happy and boozily exclaimed on Facebook that I demanded an electric set from Josh for the ‘quiet room’ gig. Threatening to boycott, poor guy had to let me down that it would be him solo and unplugged. Was I going to attend? Of course, I was. I am so glad I did because he ended up playing an hour of the most chill (meaning really, really good) versions of his and cover tunes to a modest but appreciatively attentive crowd. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon at the Library.

I really love these library sets. There’s nothing like seeing a band play in unorthodox settings. Really looking forward to their upcoming debut release.

Of all the musicians we have in town, I think none are more creative than David Bernabo. For years he has been integrating his music with art, literature, and performance like no one else. His latest project is DJ Responsibility and his first endeavor under the moniker is Formalism. He produced an album. One copy only. The only way you can hear it is to visit the library and listen to it. You cannot check it out and you cannot find it anywhere else. You can read more about it here. When I first heard about it I was fascinated. Dave was kind enough to meet me at the library as I wanted to ‘document’ his latest idea. I was sort of expecting to photograph a bunch of people listening to the music and possibly producing a collage of some sort. When it was apparent that it was going to be just me and him, I gave Dave the camera to photograph me while I listened to the 19 minute album before I took shots of him. Sitting there, I was kinda blown away by the utter simplicity of the project but started thinking of the realms of participation by an ‘audience’ member, and to exponentially add the fact that the composer himself was documenting me for ideas I had and…um, yeah, I am sure Dave would be the first to say, “Hugh, chill”. All I can say is please do yourself a favor and swing by Oakland before May 31st to at least hear the piece. After that, it’s going to be gone forever. What is also exciting is the fact that this will not be the last DJ Responsibility ‘experience’ and hopefully, I will be able to feature some of them here, that is, if I am quick enough!

I think The Harlan Twins are awesome. They, to me, are THE definition of a yinzer band. Believe me, that’s a great thing. They wear their Pittsburgh pride on their collective sleeve with no remorse at all. I have only seen them play three times but since I am constantly listening to their debut record, I feel I have seen them dozens more. In fact, I am hoping I catch their set tonight supporting Lohio’s EP release at the Brillobox. This was an uber cool acoustic set that let the band’s true musicianship and heartfelt vibe shine through. Even a busted bridge on Jules bass couldn’t stop them. Way to go! I have an electric set review from their homebase of Howler’s coming soon.

There is a reason Local Honey has been my #1 Top friend on myspace
since I joined, they have been my favorite band in town for awhile now.
Playing the ‘quiet room’ on a Sunday afternoon was a great place to see
them. Lovely set in front of an ALL ages crowd. They definitely should
do that more often.