I was surprised how much I liked Jessica’s set. For the most part it was difficult getting into her music with most of the crowd babbling away, especially during the slower tunes. What saved it for me is that her band is killer and they brought it on more than a few moments during the show. The crowd practically came to attention as Scott and Joe joined them for the last song. Weird. Expected but still weird. More photos here.

Not my first time seeing the band but man, do I like the latest record and their live show has been taken to another level with the material. They were spot on the entire evening and really know how to deliver for the fans (who just might be the most loyal in all of rock, giving Josh Ritter a run for his money). Fan discussion and setlist of the show here.

This band has a whimsy to it that I can really appreciate. They don’t seem to take themselves so seriously and I dig that. They are associated with the Elephant 6 crowd and like most of the bands in the collective, they can rock out while adhering to the post-psychedelic idiom that I grew up on. Add some crazy stage antics to the mix and really what’s not to love? Hard to imagine that a few short years ago (the last time they were in town?) they were playing the Mattress Factory!?! More photos here.