The Deutschtown Music Festival Fundraiser with Working Breed, André Costello and the Cool Minors, Chet Vincent & The Big Bend and Big Gypsy at the Andy Warhol Museum on Saturday, April 11, 2015 in Pittsburgh, PA.

The Deutschown Music Festival returns this year to take over the North Side of Pittsburgh on Saturday, July 11, 2015. The organizers of the event are hoping to be able to pay the bands this third year and they have launched an ambitious Indiegogo campaign to do just that. Let’s SUPPORT PITTSBURGH MUSIC and help spread the word. They also put on shows leading up to the fest and this one featured some of my favorite local bands. The revelation this particular night was my first time seeing the powerhouse quartet Big Gypsy. They are a smoking soul stirring blues-rock band that is quickly and deservedly gaining popularity. Do yourself a favor and check them out.

Working Breed

Ben Harrison of the Warhol Museum

André Costello and the Cool Minor

Chet Vincent & The Big Bend

Big Gypsy

Chet Vincent & The Big Bend at The Wilderness Recording Studio presents HughShows Live @ Eide’s on Saturday, March 8, 2014 in Pittsburgh, PA.

This was only my second RTB but like the first, I had such a great time. It’s hard to believe but the music almost takes a back seat as everyone is whoopin’ it up and getting their party on. As with last year, you meet up with a bunch of people, some you never met before, and just have a ball. This is one of the most fun times you will have all year, seriously. Don’t skip it next September. Lots more photos here courtesy of myself and the man, Tom Jefferson.

My man Chet and his band have just announced their CD Release show for Friday, June 24th at the Brillobox. Mark your calendars now. Can’t wait that long? They are the Lava Lounge tonight at 10 p.m. Listen to the YEP set here. More photos here.

As they ready their new EP, Chet and the Big Bend have a show tonight (7/16) in Squirrel Hill at PD’s Pub. They also have been added to tomorrow’s (7/17) bill at The Brillobox with my man Justin Andrew and Paul Luc. Chet was cool enough to participate in this week’s edition of First/Last Fridays.

Thanks Chet. The Arcade Fire at The Rex? That’s definitely one of those, “I was there when” shows.

Chet, along with Big Benders Andy and Abe, were in the studio (with Nate engineering) recording for an upcoming EP. As Chet was singing, I was in the room and I could only hear his vocals. It was an extremely melancholy song to begin with and without the music added there was a sadness to it that was compelling. I just love getting the opportunity to be able to experience things like that. More images here.

Chet is hands down one of the nicest guys I have met, musician or otherwise. I was thrilled that they had a blowout of a crowd for their CD release. In fact, I was kinda surprised. There was the obligatory Pittsburgh contingent of musicians in the audience showing their support (which is uniquely awesome to our town, methinks) and a very fun ‘Chethead’ crowd for their main set. Loved it. I have to hang at Howlers more often.

Opening for The Sadies, these guys came out and ripped through a very enjoyable set. They are local, they are young, and they are good! Pittsburgh seems to be turning out a TON of great original bands!