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CHOIR is a noiserock quartet from Pittsburgh who have some demos out and play shows. The next one probably March 1st at The Shop so go. Derek (Throat) and Trevor (High) recently sat down with SIKES for the Start the Beat podcast. I want to thank them for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

The first album you ever bought?

Trevor: Eh I don’t remember the first album I ever bought with my own money to be completely honest. However the first album I ever owned was actually Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park. It isn’t Arvo Part or anything but it’s a start.
Derek: The New York Dolls LP. I think I saw a VH1 behind the music or something in my early teens and thought they were the sleaziest thing I’d ever seen and immediately begged my mom to take me to the mall to buy it with money she probably gave me.

Your last album bought?

Trevor: I like most other twenty-somethings with no money or food just stream music online for the most part but the last physical album I bought was a cassette copy of Turn! Turn! Turn! by The Byrds for the van. I honestly prefer the later Byrds material but I couldn’t really turn it down.
Derek: A tape called “Quit Smoking Forever” by some guy who uses hypnotism to help people quit smoking, forever. I don’t smoke, but that tape is a real barn burner.

Favorite album of all time?

Trevor: I really don’t think about this kind of thing anymore as I get older but if I had to listen to an album every day for the rest of my life it would probably be And Don’t The Kids Just Love It by Television Personalities to be honest. The love I have for that album surpasses most recorded tones I have ever experienced. I wouldn’t even consider that my favorite album to be honest ‘cause I really don’t have one but I guess that would be a solid desert island mp3.
Derek: Trout Mask Replica. Probably forever. No other album has had such a profound effect on my life. Although
there is a YouTube version of the album playing all the songs at once, and that one is pretty good too.

Least favorite/most disappointing album?

Trevor: Most music is bad. Derek: “Das Da Way She Goes” by Uncle Harry’s Bar Band. Not hating on Harry and the guys. Just didn’t like their tape. I wish them all the best.

First concert attended?

Trevor: KISS with Powerman 5000. ‘Psycho Circus 3D’ tour 1998/99? KISS is still the most important band to me. Literally nothing about that band makes any sense. If you thought that Paul Stanley’s stage banter was ridiculous imagine him yelling “ALL RIGHT EVERYBOOOODY! TIME TO PUT ON YO 3D GLAAAAASES!”

Derek: Either Britney Spears at the Yuengling Pavilion or whatever it’s called, or Ministry and … Thrill Kill Kult. Both were a blast.

Last concert?

Trevor: Hopefully the last concert that I ever attend will be Ace Frehley covering Disraeli Gears in full ending with a 25 minute rendition of “Wild Thing” with Lita Ford, John 5 and Billy Corgan. He can throw a guitar pick at me or something and then I will fight a 55 year old man for it and I will win. In that situation you can throw my trash body in the garbage disposal. Derek: Jandek in thirty years.

Favorite concert ever?

Trevor: Derek and I saw Psychic TV in Pittsburgh a few years ago and they played like 3 Hawkwind covers and a 20 minute song where Genesis Breyer P-Orridge screamed “THANK YOOOOOOOU!” over and over again crying hysterically. It was the most uncomfortable thing I have experienced in a room full of people.

Derek: I saw Infest on acid so that was pretty funny. But favorite? Probably Pissed Jeans at some venue in East Liberty a few years ago. Matt Korvette ate a granola bar without a shirt on and it was really entertaining to watch. Their set was great too.

Least favorite concert?

Derek: I’m going to get sentimental here, but I’d have to say everyone who’s helped us get around when we had no transportation and almost nothing at all. Especially money. Obviously no one was obligated to help us, but they did anyway. There are a lot of great people in this city who support each other and we wouldn’t be where we are now without them. A close second is a store called Beer World we all used to go to. What a place.

Thanks, fellas. I have to agree with you, Trevor. I lean towards the ‘Dyrty’ Byrds later sound more than the early stuff.