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Portrait courtesy of Yuki Komura

“Both fierce and delicate, Clara Engel’s music is reminiscent of an era in history when theatre, art, and music were an integral part of a bigger and more vital whole, an era that the 21st century is craving more than ever. Poet Janaka Stucky describes Engel’s work as “timeless songs that sound at home in the ribcage of rock n roll’s skeleton.” The underground, multi-faceted Canadian artist has independently released eight albums, and collaborated with musicians from the UK, Germany, Brazil, and the USA.”

Clara, who is a Toronto-based musician, is independently working on her next album which will be finished before 2013.You can help her out by contributing here. Check out some of her previous music here. My thanks to her for participating in this edition of First/Last.

Thank, Clara. I am always willing to support a DIY artist. Drop a line if you ever make it down south to Pittsburgh!