“Coed Pageant is the side project of Bradley and Gretchen Bergstrand (The Palace Flophouse). In 2012, Coed formed with the intent to make four EPs in one year, one for each season. Barely squeezed into the living room of their tiny duplex while their kitten climbs curiously through the musical jungle gym, the duo creates songs that emit successive surprises to even the most frequent listener, for an experience with continuous revelations, both musically and lyrically. Their sound finds a creative balance between straightforward narrations, catchy melodies, and folky tendencies, and broader songwriting style, atypical harmonies, and sundry vocal arrangements. Coed’s music contains traces of the domestic environment where the songs were created, exposing the band’s organic songwriting and song-building process. However, through the storytelling duo’s uniquely paced narratives and ambitious composition, the songs convey a much larger and grander scope than one might expect from a two-person band with a drum set where their living room sofa used to be. Following the Feb. 10 release of Winter Blitz, the second installment Rumspringa (extended title: The Seasons EPs Volume 2: Rumspringa) debuted April 21, 2012.”

The duo stop in Pittsburgh tonight at Howler’s with Broken Fences and Ray Lanich. My thanks to Bradley and Gretchen for participating in this edition of First/Last.

Thanks, guys. There’s actually plenty to do in Bloomfield alone. I’m sure my man Bengt will have some suggestions for ya!