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“The project of Gina Favano with Sam Pace (Gangwish) and Aaron Lindberg (Lungs Face Feet) backing her up. Polyrhythms and semitones bring a non-Western feel to much of this release; Favano’s singing often rests between incantation and spiritual. The first several tracks are moody and unresolved, but they give way in the end to the more free-and-easy “Too Many Damn Sticks” and the exuberant “Grand Island.” Shades of David Byrne, only less reserved, or maybe art-pop minus most of the pop.” – Andy Mulkerin /

Pittsburgh City Paper Come Holy Spirit is a bombastic psyche folk trio from Pittsburgh who will leave you breathless and wanting much more after you see them kill any stage they perform on. I was lucky enough to catch them for the first time at Ladyfest Pittsburgh, and wow, did they bowl me over. Their sophomore full-length release Grand Island came out last Spring and do yourself a favor and try your best to see them live. I want to thank Gina Favano (Bass/Vocals) for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.