As with all the bands that played, I had never seen KHT even though they have been around for almost twenty years now. They sounded great. Where have I been?

I attended my first concert in 1979. Four years later The Cynics formed. I am amazed I haven’t seen them play ever…until now. Even though they were doing the acoustic duo version of Gregg Kostelich and Michael Kastelic, their humor and tunes shone through. I’d definitely check them out again and I don’t think I should wait another 27 years to do so. More photos here. Video here.

These guys were a total blast! Seemingly cramming every person they know onto the stage to help out added a very communal vibe to their set which consisted of incredibly refreshing music. Hailing a scant two hours from my doorstep they reminded me A LOT of fellow Johnstownians The Sunflower Spectacle, who I also immediately dug as well. Seriously, what’s in the water over there? Talk about a fun double bill! More pics here. Video here.

This was one great night of music! Slim and my man Rob Levkulich kicked the night off with a spirited set of stripped down ‘autobiographical’ songs that felt like a backwards sermon at times. My first time seeing Slim that left me wanting more. More photos here and here. Video here.

So yeah, my favorite record of the year so far are by these guys…from Pittsburgh no less. I was standing next to the boys from Round Black Ghosts who stated that this just might be the best local music they have heard in ten years! WORD! Aaron sings? Sweet!

Headlining the newest installment of CP Remixed, the band debuted the live version of ‘I Think I Like You’ with Casey on keys! They have a slew of upcoming dates this summer so if you have never seen them play you have some great opportunities coming up. BTW, Thanks for the shout-out Andy!

I had two chances to catch Joy play in one week. I never heard her before and thought that she was surprisingly good considering that I usually don’t listen to her style of music. She has a jazzy, laid back vibe and I really appreciated her original songs. She was also super nice in person and I wish her nothing but success in the crazy music business game.