Photo courtesy the band

Secret Tombs are from right here in Pittsburgh. Here is a taste of what they they have to offer, which I really dig. David Rosenstraus (Blood Red) and Ben Klahr were generous enough to take time to participate in this edition of First/Last Friday and I really can’t thank them enough for doing so.

The first album you ever bought?
David Rosenstraus: Probably a Kris Kross cassette tape.
Ben Klahr: I remember that my first stereo came with the Lou Bega CD, but I don’t think that was the first one.

Your last album bought?
David: The new Lemuria full length.
Ben: Spectres by BOC.
Favorite album of all time?
David: Aminosity- COC.
Least favorite/most disappointing album?
David: There are many. Once I got some solo album from Paul Simon for my mom for her birthday thinking it would be decent 60’s style folk. I played it before I gave it to her and realized it was some terrible overproduced 80’s sounding adult contemporary shit. I didn’t give it to her; it would have been a curse, not a gift.
First concert attended?
David: Beach Boys.
Ben: Ladysmith Black Mambazo at CMU.
Last concert?
David: I played a show with Delay and New Creases. As far as just attending, Weekend Nachos show at Square One in Braddock.
Favorite concert ever?
David: That I played probably the last RAMBO show. That I attended, probably Death By Stereo and Good Riddance at the Rotunda in Philly or Latterman set at Planet X fest.
Ben: Some noise show at Joe Hammer that was over before I got there.
 Ben: Rob Zombie at X-Fest, no one was there, Rob Zombie is like 5 feet tall. Lord Bird Golden Cobra at Garfield Artworks featuring AJ and Ken’s vomit. The Pist/Municipal Waste/et al at Braddock Elks lodge.
Least favorite concert?
David: Many of these. There were so many hardcore shows I played or went to with idiots who ruined shows. No entire show was bad, but whenever I hear bands talk about being pro-life, calling the audience faggots or pussies, or any kind of banter that’s supposed to be “shocking”, it really bums me out.
Ben: I think I might’ve dined and ditched at the Igloo club during “American Idol” live.
Favorite thoughts, experiences about Pittsburgh?
David: One of the most endearing aspects of the Pittsburgh scene is the city lends itself to weird cool show spots. The two places I’m thinking of is the woods behind Beland St. and the Button down in the water in Lawrenceville. The fact that you can see a band play on concrete pad in the water while people are hanging out in trees and not be bothered by police is awesome.
Ben: I think it’s one heck of a city.

Again, I cannot thank you guys enough. Musicians like yourselves truly make this blog. You show me music I might not have heard before and that to me is what it’s all about! But I have to say…Kriss Kross? Ouch!!! I love it!