Lineup and set times subject to change

Friday, July 22, 2022

 412 Brewery

7pm         DJ Pulse

 Artist Image Resource

5pm         Lexa Terrestrial

6pm         Ms. Tenaj

7pm         Ronni Weiss Trio

8pm         Club Hula Ent

9pm         Sluzzo Nell

 Allegheny City Brewery

5pm         Old Game

6pm         Hepcat Dilemma

7pm         Dan Koshute

8pm         King Catfish

9pm         GutterRich

10pm       Bleach Fuzz

 Allegheny City Brewery Beer Garden

5pm         Jessica Bella Band

6pm         IRE

7pm         Law Jaw

8pm         Native Alloys

 City of Asylum

6pm         Ira Soul

7pm         Folkland Los

8pm         The Daydreamers

9pm         CyCy Couture

 Straub 150th Anniversary Stage at Comfort Inn

4pm         Brewer’s Row

5pm         Erika June and the Tunes

6pm         The Vics

7pm         Flock of walri

8pm         Black Ridge

9pm         Zachary Lee’s Interstate Daydream

 East St. Beer

5pm         Rave Mustaine

6pm         Milpool

7pm         Aria Jay

8pm         Find Ethel

 Elks Lodge #339

6pm         Jeff Perigo & Friends

7pm         The Boneshakers

8pm         Moonshine Jasmine

9pm         The Nox Boys

10pm       The Low Kings

 Foreland Stage

3pm         Boonie The Kid

4pm         The Super Babes

5pm         Care Package

6pm         Miss Freddye’s Blues Band

7pm         Leila Rhodes

8pm         Bill Henry Band

9pm         Grand Piano

10pm       Sierra Sellers

 The Government Center

5pm         Dumplings

6pm         Pat Coyle

7pm         I4A

8pm         BusCrates

9pm         Boy Wonders

10pm       The Sewerheads

 Grand Hall at The Priory

5pm         moontown

6pm         The Shiners

7pm         Keystone Vibe

8pm         Stone Throwers

9pm         Dave Shepherd

 First National Stage at Suismon

4pm         The Sneaky Heat Missiles

5pm         Modern Fossils


7pm         Brightside

8pm         The Redlines

9pm         Water Trash

 James St. Ballroom presented by Pittsburgh Winery

3pm         Akrasia

4pm         Pronoia

5pm         Kenny Stockard

6pm         Moe Seager Blue Jazz band

7pm         The Mixus Brothers

8pm         The Clunkers

9pm         JM the Poet

10pm       Jordan Montgomery

 North Shore Tavern

5pm         Often Wrong

7pm         Madeline Jo

9pm         7 Mile Run

11pm       Aqua D

 Max’s Ratskellar

6pm         Louie Castle Band

7pm         Sahayra

8pm         Anxiety At Best

9pm         Paging Doctor Moon

10pm       Olive Dares the Darkness

 Mike’s Beer Bar

4pm         The Hipsters

6pm         NO X IN NIXON

8pm         Wicked Chief

10pm       Evan Dean Band

 Monterey Pub

6pm         Ruby

7pm         Paul Eisert

8pm         Wayne Beck

9pm         James Vivirito

 Highmark Park Stage

3pm         Wild Blue Yonder

4pm         Tjuan Benafactor

5pm         Mani Bahia & The Mob

6pm         Slam Band & Sam

7pm         Cisco Kid

8pm         Big Blitz

Penn Brewery Eisenhall powered by Kallop Sound Solutions

5pm         chaoticstyle playing for Metamind

6pm         Wink B2B Dj dirtnap playing for subsanctuary

7pm         Rush Promo

8pm         native impulse playing for uprise

9pm         metaterrestrial playing for uprise

10pm       Johnny quest playing for Ambient alchemist

11pm       Partners in Crime in Mad Bar

 Penn Brewery Restaurant

5pm         Distelfink

6pm         Alyssa Hankey

7pm         Coltt Winter Lepley

8pm         Dan Petrich

 Penn Brewery Terrace

4pm         Douglas Lowell Blevins

5pm         Your Siiick

6pm         The Shameless Hex

7pm         The Heavy Lids

8pm         Same

9pm         Raviner

10pm       Lead Singer Wanted

 Peace and Unity in the Community Stage curated by Paradise Gray (Skyline Stage)

                Activities and Lineup / Set times TBA

 St. Mary’s Lyceum Basement

6pm         The Daryl Shawn Combination

7pm         Specialists

8pm         Hood Gang

9pm         TBA

10pm       Warehouse 11

 St. Mary’s Lyceum

7pm         Border Radio

8pm         Dylan Rooke

9pm         Witch Baby

10pm       Plumbob

 Teutonia Mannerchor

5pm         Eligha Jones

6pm         Wine and Spirit

7pm         Identity X

8pm         AE Honick

9pm         Egomyth

10pm       Bear Totem

 Threadbare Restaurant

4pm         Evan Lybrand

5pm         Acoustic Something

6pm         Samantha Press

7pm         Cody Piper

8pm         Pierce Dipner

9pm         Lilac Heart

 Threadbare Tent

6pm         Tuk + The Big Brass Ones

7pm         rchrd prkr

8pm         Single Jo


7pm         Roam Free

8pm         The Freeloaders

9pm         Knauer Brothers

10pm       The Dwellingtons

11pm       Bird Brain Breakfast

 Vinial St. Stage

5pm         It Lives

6pm         Wax Brain

7pm         Gator Shakes


5pm         Frog Legs

6pm         Date Nite

7pm         Snowdonia

8pm         WESTLAKE

 YMR Club

5pm         Everyone Hates Everything

6pm         saltlick

7pm         Black Hole Zion

8pm         CROSSOVER

9pm         The Richard Move

10pm       The Maplewaves

11pm       Heinous Bienfang

12am       MINIMA

Saturday, July 23, 2022


 412 Brewery

7pm         DJ Pulse

 Artist Image Resource

2pm         Lee Robinson & ISKA

3pm         Allen J

4pm         the classifieds

5pm         MulaDaGreat

6pm         TBA

7pm         Yung Delirious

8pm         Echo Lightwave Unspeakable

 Allegheny City Brewery

3pm         Adelaide in Autumn

4pm         Treaties

5pm         Porters

6pm         The Damn Long Hairs

7pm         Wild Planes

8pm         XOCH

9pm         Reggaelar People

10pm       Moonspeaker

 Allegheny City Brewery Beer Garden

1pm         overtheweather

2pm         Bobby Thompson and The Groove

3pm         Feast on the Fallen

4pm         Moonroof

5pm         Kid Durango

6pm         Bikini Islands

7pm         Tim Vitullo Band

 City of Asylum

3pm         Gin Ether

4pm         Joe Matzzie

5pm         Kanti Kasa

6pm         Kev Reason

7pm         Reasun & Proseed

8pm         DFRNTFRM & DJ Blacklisted

  Straub 150th Anniversary Stage at Comfort Inn

2pm         The Sun Champs

3pm         The Semi-Supervillains

4pm         Bonnie & the Mere Mortals

5pm         Hell’s Oasis

6pm         God Hates Unicorns

7pm         The Moat Rats

8pm         Bastard Bearded Irishmen


 East Commons Fountain

TBA          Eagleburger Band

TBA          Timbeleza

 East St. Beer

2pm         Mojo Prophet

3pm         Overload in Stereo

4pm         Rover

5pm         Breakdown Band

6pm         SAMSARA.

7pm         Bloomfield Pest Control

8pm         Dream The Heavy

 Elks #339 presented by  Liveburgh Studios

6pm         Aris Paul Band

7pm         Flubdub

8pm         Service Turkey

9pm         Kurtosis

10pm       Forestry Division

 Foreland Stage

12pm       Skye Light

1pm         Trevolta

2pm         Connie Roses

3pm         Murder for Girls

4pm         The Weird Paul Rock Band

5pm         Chip & The Charge Ups

6pm         Melt

7pm         Chandra Rhyme

8pm         Shelf Life String Band

9pm         INEZ

10pm       Joe Grusheky and The Houserockers

 Garden Café

1pm         Skylar Love

2pm         Adam Fitz

3pm         Sachem Orenda

4pm         Sarah Halter

 The Government Center presented by Crafted Sounds

1pm          Tosser

2pm         Javerbloo

3pm         Gaadge

4pm         Flower Crown

5pm         BRNDA

6pm         lys scott

7pm         Eyebawl

8pm         Grace Vonderkuhn

9pm         The Zells

10pm       Rave Ami

 Grand Hall at The Priory

3pm         2020k

4pm         Frame and Mantle

5pm         Jimmy and the Beautiful Mistakes

6pm         Hemlock for Socrates

7pm         iNCO FIdO

8pm         Back Alley Sound

9pm         Royce


 James St. Ballroom presented by Misra Records

2pm         Elias Khouri Band

3pm         Halloway Williams

4pm         Gabriella Salvucci

5pm         Chet Vincent and the Music Industry

6pm         ALLISSA

7pm         Anti-Corn League

8pm         The Living Street

9pm         The Middle Room

10pm       The Struggle Bus

11pm       SUREFIRE

 First National Stage at Suismon presented by Sunburst School of Music

1pm         Impossible Burghers

2pm         Andmore

3pm         Sunburnt

 First National Stage at Suismon presents 2022 WPA Juneteenth Homecoming Celebration 4-9pm

4pm         Soul Raydio Band

5pm         The Flow Band

6pm         Celeb DJ Marlon of WAMO 107.3

 Max’s Ratskellar

4pm         Killin’ Me

5pm         Story At Nine

6pm         Outside Eliza

7pm         Middle Children

8pm         Kiss Me Deadly

9pm         Repo Man

10pm       The Lagunas

11pm        J Roger Davis Music and BLK Forest Ham

 Mike’s Beer Bar


5pm         Mirabelle Skipworth (Full Band)

7pm         We’re Almost Home

9pm         The Dang Band

11pm       Jackamo

 Monterey Pub

5pm         Brian DiSanto

6pm         Elena Bishop

7pm         Aloha Salvation

8pm         One Ray

9pm         Cesca Violet

 North Shore Tavern

2pm         Cpt. Bisquick

4pm         Pancake Susan

6pm         False Positive

8pm         Northern Gold

10pm       Blind Choice

12am       Jack Burton Overdrive

  Highmark Park Stage

11am       OHM Project

12pm       Woodland Creatures

1pm         ChaRon Don

2pm         Jennie Angel/solo artist

3pm         Sommelier

4pm         Lindsay Dragan And Her Band

5pm         The Dead End Streets

6pm         Working Breed

7pm         Amoeba Knievel

 Park Stage 2 presented by Lemon Tree Records

12pm       Westinghouse Atom Smasher

1pm         Danvers

2pm         Plasmid

3pm         God’s Green Apples

4pm         Old Neon

5pm         The Quiet Loud

6pm         Mai Khou

7pm         Essential Machine

8pm         Ma’aM

 Penn Brewery Biergarten

2pm         ØPALS

3pm         Honest Babes

4pm         Chelsea Biehl

5pm         Bia Dao

 Penn Brewery Eisenhall powered by Kallop Sound Solutions

5pm         AtomMcTom playing for plur kingdom

5:30pm   Ellesd playing for plur kingdom

6pm         2stepTuesdays

7pm          Nick E. P. DNA events

8pm          Chris Maze playing for bassburgh

9pm          Khan Kuma playing for ambient alchemist

10pm        Funk Masta Fletch playing for pgh funk fam

11pm         Quack Daddy playing for slayd productions

 Penn Brewery Restaurant

3pm         B Man

4pm         Brad Wagner

5pm         Diiviine

6pm         Donna O

7pm         Berry Breene w/ Kelsey Robinson & Mike Michael McCormick

8pm         Paz and Ukulele Eddie

 Penn Brewery Terrace

7pm         Swampwalk

8pm         Shifted Past

9pm         Thirty Years Later

10pm       Typhoid Rosie

11pm       The Bleepy Things

 Peace and Unity in the Community Stage curated by Paradise Gray (Skyline Stage)

                Activities and Lineup / Set times TBA

 St. Mary’s Lyceum Basement

5pm         3 Leagues to Rome

6pm         Coexist

7pm         Redd Up Rhonda

8pm         Demos Papadimas

9pm         The Damaged Pies

 St. Mary’s Lyceum

5pm         SamJAMwich

6pm         Mellowscape

7pm         Trinity Wiseman Band

8pm         Steve Ludwig and the Casual Hobos

9pm         Emptier

10pm       From Red Sun

 Teutonia Mannerchor

3pm         Scott Fry Experience

4pm         Tempered

5pm         TBA

6pm         The Night’s Watch

7pm         Catatoneya

8pm         Sound Servent

9pm         Ishtar Bellydance Band

10pm       Famous Kind Streak

 Threadbare Restaurant

2pm         Mike Swindell

3pm         Brian Junker

4pm         Jacian Blaze

5pm         Danny Rectenwald

6pm         Sloane Simon

7pm         Devin Sherman

8pm         Ken Turetzky

9pm         Standard Candles

10pm       Taylor Tuke

 Threadbare Tent

2pm         The Last Root

3pm         Go For The Gold

4pm         Seven Mile Detour

5pm         Desolence

6pm         Absolution Key

7pm         Matt King & The Dukes of St. Clair


5pm         The Employers

6pm         Sundog

7pm         Bradley

8pm         9sundays

9pm         Rurally Bankrupt

10pm       Drown the Deep

 Vinial St. Stage

3pm         Prime 8

4pm         Outrun Infinity

5pm         Skarlett Sky

6pm         Post Traumatik

7pm         LEPROSY


2pm         Choice Words

3pm         Tokyo Sayonara

4pm         SkaMen

5pm         Tomorrow, When

6pm         Lone Crow Rebellion

7pm         The Baker’s Basement

8pm         Veronica

9pm         Hold Fast

 YMR Club

7pm         Gloom doom

8pm         Villainess

9pm         fuck yeah, dinosaurs!

10pm       The Chad Sipes Stereo

11pm       Shallowpoint

12am       Dead Sin

1am         Rat Tits

Sunday, July 24, 2022

 ACAC Presents: Gospel, Games and Grub at The Park Stage

10am  UIF Performing Arts: UIF Singers/Singers 101

10:30  UIF Performing Arts: Joseph Musical Preview/UI Dance Groups

11am   ACAC/UIF Mass Children’s Choir

11:30   ACAC Music (Singers, Band, Orchestra)

 Foreland Stage

12pm   Lez Paul

1pm     The Subclass

2pm     Love Dumpster

3pm     Reliable Child

4pm     Strums & Drums

5pm     The Moon My Twin

6pm     Devin Moses & The Saved


Earlier this year we here at Deutschtown Music Festival made the difficult decision to once again not present our a full-blown festival this year. There were many factors that went into this decision, but we felt and still feel it was in the best interest of all involved. We are however extremely excited to present a new event:  Hands Over Deutschtown. This smaller event will feature the premiere production from post-industrial performance artists Squonk entitled, “Hand to Hand” for two shows at 2pm and 4pm in Allegheny Commons Park near Sue Murray Pool on the future site of the permanent Skyline Stage.

To complement Squonk’s debut performance since 2019, we will have a number of other performances there on the lawn and the concrete stage across from the Allegheny Elks Lodge on Cedar Ave.

Additionally, there will be an artists and vendors market with a busker’s stage in the park above the Hampton Battery to East Ohio St. presented by RedFishBowl. In the Northeastern part of the park we will be our usual Park stage with a beautifully diverse full day lineup of amazing Pittsburgh musicians and bands. There will be community outreach from sponsors, Highmark/AHN and First National Bank focusing on Health with partner AGH and financial literacy and other programs with the bank. There will be food trucks, family friendly activities, Non-profits and other organizations with programs for families and children to sign up for, and as always with us, SURPRISES.

Lastly, we are super excited for the future. There are many many great things in the works over here in the Northside.  Consider yourself warned!


Skyline Party – Outside – All Ages

1pm        Abafasi
2pm       Squonk Hand to Hand
2:30pm Squonk Backstage Tour
3pm       Abafasi
4pm       Squonk Hand to Hand
4:30pm Squonk Backstage Tour
5pm       London Johnson’s Magnificent Street Entertainment
6pm       Timbeleza


Park Stage – Outside – All Ages

11am Samurai Velvet
Noon Care Package
1pm   Lee Robinson & ISKA
2pm   Gaadge
3pm   Royce
4pm   String Machine
5pm   Lindsay Dragan
6pm   KELS
7pm   livefromthecity – *
7:45   Brittney Chantele – *
8:30  Devin Moses & The Saved

*- featuring DJ QRX

From left: Ben Soltesz, London Johnson, Cody Walters, Sarah Platt, Jesse Descutner, Hugh Twyman


Image courtesy the band

“The Bill Henry Band, formed in 2016, is one of Pittsburgh’s preeminent R&B acts. BHB regularly sells out performances, with a loyal fan base that eagerly attends their regular outings at Rivers Casino and Savoy, and follows the band to any other venues. BHB’s stylings effortlessly segway through R&B, soul, funk and hip hop. The band’s performances are well-rehearsed and of high quality -perfect for your standalone or opening act requirements.”

The Bill Henry Band is an R&B/Soul/Hip Hop/Funk band from Pittsburgh that never disappoints live. Known to get the audience dancing with their smooth and soulful grooves, witness that magic at our second annual and first of two night Deutschtown Goes Downtown event in Market Square taking place tonight (Friday, June 7) at 8:30pm hosted by yours truly. I want to thank Bill (Guitar/Vocals) for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

The first album you ever bought?
Can’t remember, but probably Ja Rule Pain is Love or Nelly Country Grammar… in the 90s before I was buying my own CD’s, you would know a kid in class that had a CD burner and would make everyone mixes. Most of which had explicit lyrics that I wouldn’t have been allowed  to buy anyway

Your last album bought?
Gregory Porter Take Me To The Alley.

Favorite album of all time?
D’Angelo Voodoo or Anthony Hamilton Comin From Where I’m From.

First concert attended?
Guy Lombardo Big Band tribute at Kiski Area High School. My grandma would take us on Sundays when I was in elementary school.

Last concert?
Snarky Puppy at the Roxian Theatre.

Favorite concert ever?
Eric Clapton 2008 in Cuyahoga Falls. It was the first concert my dad and I went to together.

Least favorite concert?
Not sure I have one, the live music lover in me always enjoys seeing how different people perform on stage and their stage presence so there’s always something to study.

Favorite thoughts, experiences about Pittsburgh?
Love that there’s more music venues starting to pop up.

Thanks, Bill. Looking forward to tonight to meet you and watch you perform!

Discover Bill Henry Band


Image courtesy of Dr. Hood

“What makes Dr. Hood so unique is her eclectic interests which have helped her to expand her network and become involved in multiple arts and music scenes that are typically not associated with hip hop.”

Dr. HollyHood is a Pittsburgh based MC / rapper / event producer who is self-described as the ‘Mom of Pittsburgh Hip-Hop’ due to her longevity participating and promoting the scene. Through her vast experience, she is able to pass on her knowledge to up and coming artists as an immeasurable resource for those lucky enough to accept it.  Follow her socials and you will soon discover that she is not afraid of being refreshingly blunt and honest when it comes to bullshit in the hip hop scene. She also performs out and will be doing so at our second annual and first of two night Deutschtown Goes Downtown event in Market Square taking place tonight (Friday, June 7) at 6:00pm hosted by yours truly. I want to thank Holly (Dr. Hood to you…) for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

The first album you ever bought?
With my own money… not sure… but I was definitely taking advantage of those CD clubs (buy one for 99 cents and get 897,234,873 free)… I really want to say, though, the first gangsta rap tape I had was The Chronic (Dr. Dre)… my mom bought it for a party I wanted to have.

Your last album bought?
King of the Sun 2 (by Livefromthecity…Pittsburgh artist).

Favorite album of all time?
Untouchable by Scarface, also, Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City by Kendrick Lamar, also Trilogy by The Weeknd.

Least favorite/most disappointing album?
Hmmm… not sure… but Queen by Nicki Minaj was pretttttty sad.

First concert attended?
Jay-Z/DMX in 1999.

Last concert?
Tory Lanez in 2018 (this is the last concert I went to where I was NOT the opening act lol).

Favorite concert ever?
Sade in 2011 and Tech N9ne in 2017.

Least favorite concert?
Lauryn Hill – Only because she was late and did all of the songs in quadruple time. I did get to eat a piece of the chocolate cake that was made for her, though.

Favorite thoughts, experiences about Pittsburgh?
My favorite experiences/thoughts about Pittsburgh are all the fun times I had at Shadow Lounge. That place really saved my life.

Thanks, Holly. I have to say how much I appreciate your energy when it comes to helping out the youngins’ in Pittsburgh. Us old heads have a lot to offer advice-wise and your positivity does not go unnoticed.

Discover Dr. HollyHood


I am excited to bring to you the complete 2019 Deutschtown Music Festival lineup, which occurs on Friday and Saturday, July 12 and 13 over on the Northside of Pittsburgh.
Schedule is subject to change so check back often.

Deutschtown Music Festival on Facebook
Festival Facebook Event Page


Park Stage (Friday 7/12)
Allegheny Commons East Outside – All Ages

3pm London Johnson’s Magnificent Street Entertainment (Other)

4pm Aubrey Burchell (Pop)

5pm The Struggle Bus (Indie Rock)

6pm MoonmeN (Funk)

7pm Run the Meat (Brass Band)

8pm Honky Tonk 339 Band (Country)



HughShows (Main) Stage (Friday 7/12)
Foreland and Middle Streets Outside – All Ages

3pm Lee Robinson & ISKA (Jazz)

4pm hunnycomb (R&B)

5pm SPISH (Indie Rock)

6pm Jenn Wertz Band (Folk)

7pm The Borstal Boys (Rock)

8pm Drowning Clowns (Alternative)

9pm Jim Donovan and Sun King Warriors (Rock)



Penn Brewery Terrace (Friday 7/12)
800 Vinial St. Outside – All Ages                                     

5pm Northern Whale (Youngstown, OH) (Alternative)

6pm Aris Paul Band (Folk)

7pm Go Go Gidget (Alternative)

8pm Garter Shake (Punk)

9pm The Rents (Alternative)



Threadbare Tent (Friday 7/12)
1291 Spring Garden Ave. Outside – All Ages

5pm REPO MAN (Punk)

6pm Black Ridge (Rock)

7pm The Angie Haze Project (Akron, OH) (Indie Rock)

8pm A.T.S. (Alternative)



Threadbare Restaurant (Friday 7/12)
1291 Spring Garden Ave. All Ages

4pm Jaye Devine (Singer/Songwriter)

5pm Randy Hollenbeck (Alternative)

6pm Rachel Leigh (Singer/Songwriter)

7pm Sloane Simon (Singer/Songwriter)

8pm One Ray (Rock)

9pm Carrie Collins (Singer/Songwriter)



Arnold’s Tea (Friday 7/12)
502 E. Ohio St. All Ages                                                  

2pm Dreamz of Music Foundation (Hip Hop/R&B)

4pm Kynzie Webb (Singer/Songwriter)

5pm Julia Capuzzi (Pop)

6pm Aaron Lewinter (Jazz)

7pm Lauren ‘Shay’ DeMichiei (Alternative)

8pm Adam Fitz (Folk)



Elks Lodge #339 (Friday 7/12)
400 Cedar Ave. 21+                                                         

6pm Nameless in August (Folk)

7pm Bad Custer (Rock)

8pm The Buckle Downs (Rock)

9pm The Telephone Line (Rock)




Allegheny City Brewery (Friday 7/12)
507 Foreland Ave. All Ages                                             

5pm Boonie The Kid (Hip Hop/R&B)

6pm Zachary Lee (Indie Rock)

7pm Single Jo (Alternative)

8pm Walker and the Rebellion (Folk)

9pm ShowPony (Other)

10pm Akrasia (Indie Rock)



City of Asylum (Friday 7/12)
40 W. North Ave All Ages

6pm go home, Eddie (Rock)

7pm Living With Monsters (Rock)

8pm Moe Seager (Jazz)

9pm Dan Koshute (Rock)



The Government Center (Friday 7/12)
519 E Ohio St. All Ages                                                   

5pm BabiiBloo (Hip Hop/R&B)

6pm Rev. Ezra & The Lone Pines (Folk)

7pm Abstract Theory (Hip Hop/R&B)

8pm Pharah Phitted (Hip Hop/R&B)

9pm Leprosy (Metal/Hardcore)

10pm Royal Honey (Rock)



Penn Brewery Eisenhall (Friday 7/12)
800 Vinial St. St. All Ages

5pm Larga Veda (Rock)

6pm QUIET (Alternative)

7pm Old Game (Alternative)

8pm Standard Broadcast (Indie Rock)

9pm Heavy Chest (Alternative)



PGH Winery Satellite (Friday 7/12)
709 East St. 21+                                                              

6pm Cosmic Wind (Alternative)

7pm Kiwano Sour (Alternative)

8pm Back Alley Sound (Hip Hop/R&B)

9pm The Vics (Indie Rock)

10pm amplifiers. (Alternative)

11pm Dan Bubien & the Delta Struts (Rock)



Grand Hall at the Priory (Friday 7/12)
614 Pressley St All Ages                                                 

5pm EMay & The Soundmen (Rock)

6pm Cisco Kid (Rock)

7pm Demos Papadimas (Youngstown, OH) (Folk)

8pm Benefits (Alternative)

9pm Working Breed (Alternative)



Straub Stage at Deutschtown Center (Friday 7/12)
801 Vinial St. Outside All Ages                                            

7pm The Waif (Indie Rock)

8pm The Chad Sipes Stereo (Alternative)

9pm Northern Gold (Singer/Songwriter)



Local Brewhouse (Friday 7/12)
140 Federal St. All Ages                                                    

5pm ezra & the reletivs (Hip Hop/R&B)

6pm Chase and the Barons (Rock)

7pm Grand Bell (Indie Rock)

8pm The Black Six (Rock)

9pm Funky Fly Project (Jazz)



Wigle Whiskey (Friday 7/12)
1055 Spring Garden Ave. Outside – All Ages

5pm Heinous Bienfang (Alternative)

6pm The Hipsters (Alternative)

7pm Poro (Cleveland, OH)  (Folk)

8pm The Mixus Brothers (Folk)



Verdetto’s (Friday 7/12)
814 Madison Ave. 21+                                                    

7pm The Bleepy Things (Indie Rock)

8pm Egomyth (Rock)

9pm The Bird Hour (Rock)

10pm SLUGSS (Indie Rock)

11pm School of Athens (Rock)



Penn Brewery Restaurant (Friday 7/12)
800 Vinial St. All Ages

5pm Chiodi Trio (Jazz)

6pm Jessica Lee & Mark Strickland (Jazz)

7pm Rob Williams (Folk)

8pm Rachel Whitcomb (Singer/Songwriter)



St. Mary’s Lyceum Basement (Friday 7/12)
910 Chestnut St. 21+                                                        

6pm The Liberty Tubes (Alternative)

7pm The Summercamp (Pop)

8pm Tilted Shadows (Rock)

9pm Pretty Tombs (Alternative)

10pm Shaq Nicholson (Other)




Federal Galley (Friday 7/12)
200 Children’s Way Outside All Ages                                             

5pm Ashley Mullens featuring Gregg Campayno (Singer/Songwriter)

6pm Reliable Child (Singer/Songwriter)

7pm Hexen (Singer/Songwriter)

8pm Samantha Sears (Singer/Songwriter)

9pm Dan Petrich (Singer/Songwriter)

10pm Jeremy Caywood (Singer/Songwriter)




Max’s Allegheny Rathskeller (Friday 7/12)
537 Suismon St. All Ages

6pm Wild Talk (Indie Rock)

7pm Douglas Lowell Blevins (Singer/Songwriter)

8pm Mr. Fancy Pants (Indie Rock)

9pm The Petals (Alternative)

10pm Fake Accents (Punk)




St. Mary’s Lyceum (Friday 7/12)
910 Chestnut St. 21+                                                       

7pm Damaged Pies (Indie Rock)

8pm The Beagle Brothers (Country)

9pm Brahctopus (Other)

10pm fuck yeah, dinosaurs! (Punk)




Teutonia Mannerchor (Friday 7/12)
857 Phineas St. Inside 21+                                              

5pm Lem (Folk)

6pm Appalachian Doom Gospel (Folk)

7pm String Machine (Indie Rock)

8pm The Shadow Event (Rock)

9pm Marquis Of Vaudeville (Dallas, TX) (Alternative)




Teutonia Mannerchor Tent (Friday 7/12)
857 Phineas St. Outside All Ages

6pm Secret Eyes (Rock)

7pm The Fading Light (Alternative)

8pm Strange Cocktail (Indie Rock)




Siempre Algo (Friday 7/12)
414 East Ohio St. All Ages                                              

5pm Diviaped (Singer/Songwriter)

6pm Meghan King Johnson (Folk)

7pm Rowan (Folk)

8pm Pat Lanips (Folk)

9pm Dan McCoy (Singer/Songwriter)




Mike’s Beer Bar (Friday 7/12)
110 Federal St. All Ages                                                  

6pm SuiSideburns (Rock)

7pm Rebel Revolver (Rock)

8pm The High Level (Rock

9pm Ruby Claire’s Dead Flowers (Rock)

10pm – 1am TJ Isenberg (Rock)




The Pittsburgh Current Stage (Friday 7/12)
831 W. North Ave 21+

8pm Identity X (Alternative)

9pm Keith Smith (R&B/Hip Hop)

10pm Moemaw Naedon (R&B/Hip Hop)




Park House (Friday 7/12)
403 East Ohio St 21+

9pm Elkhound (Rock)



Saturday, July 13

Park Stage (Saturday 7/13)
Allegheny Commons East Outside – All Ages

11am OHM Project (Alternative)

12pm The Whelming Waters (Alternative)

1pm Avi Diamond (Folk)

2pm Lindsay Dragan And Her Band (Folk)

3pm Ferdinand the Bull (Folk)

4pm The Moat Rats (Rock)

5pm Buffalo Rose (Folk)

6pm iNCO FIdO (Other)

7pm The Tamburitzens (Other)

7:30pm Bindley Hardware Co. (Country)

8:30pm Raelyn Nelson Band (Nashville, TN) (Country)




HughShows (Main) Stage (Saturday 7/13)
Foreland and Middle Streets Outside – All Ages

12pm Snowdonia (Indie Rock)

1pm Lexa Terrestrial (Hip Hop/R&B)

2pm Olga Watkins Band (Other)

3pm Ryan Hoffman and the Pioneers (Folk)

4pm Jack Swing (Rock)

5pm Chet Vincent and the Big Bend (Indie Rock)

6pm The Van Allen Belt (Alternative)

7pm The Human Circuit (Austin, TX) (Rock)

8pm Sierra Sellers (Hip Hop/R&B)

9pm Bastard Bearded Irishmen (Celtic Rock)

10pm Bill Henry Band (Hip Hop/R&B)




Skyline Stage (Saturday 7/13)
Allegheny Commons Park Outside All Ages

2pm The Down Above (Rock)

3pm Stone Cold Killer (Rock)

4pm or the Duck Dies (Rock)

5pm Murder for Girls (Punk)

6pm Chip & The Charge Ups (Rock)

7pm Smokey Bellows (Rock)

8pm Pet Clinic (Rock)

9pm BBGuns (Hip Hop/R&B)




Grand Hall at the Priory (Saturday 7/13)
614 Pressley St All Ages

3pm Pixelated (Rock)

4pm Same Moon (Rock)

5pm Heather Kropf (Singer/Songwriter)

6pm The Semi-Supervillains (Rock)

7pm LoFi Delphi (Rock)

8pm Dinosoul (Indie Rock)

9pm Venus In Furs (Alternative)




Threadbare Tent (Saturday 7/13)
1291 Spring Garden Ave Outside – All Ages

1pm Still Not Sober (Other)

2pm Elias Khouri(Rock)

3pm Cpx3 (Hip Hop/R&B)

4pm Mark Lykkos & The Kinsey Five

5pm Orange Mammoth (Indie Rock)

6pm Bonnie & the Mere Mortals (Folk)

7pm Nightly Standard (Rock)

8pm Honey Prism (Indie Rock)




Threadbare Restaurant (Saturday 7/13)
1291 Spring Garden Ave All Ages

2pm Megan Pennington (Folk)

3pm The Folk Project (Campbellsville, KY) (Folk)

4pm David Hipchen (Singer/Songwriter)

5pm Daryl Shawn (Other)

6pm Dennis Malley (Other)

7pm Six O’Matic (Other)

8pm Lily Harvey (Singer/Songwriter)

9pm Katie Dee & The Quaking Aspens (Folk)

10pm Nathan Gerard Janov (Singer/Songwriter)




Arnold’s Tea (Saturday 7/13)
502 E. Ohio St. All Ages

12pm Brian Junker (Folk)

1pm Gary Prisby (Singer/Songwriter)

2pm Jay Michaels (Singer/Songwriter)

3pm Sadie’s Song (Singer/Songwriter)

4pm C. Frank (Singer/Songwriter)

5pm Donna O (Singer/Songwriter)

6pm Johnny Stanec (Singer/Songwriter)

7pm Alyssa Hankey (Folk)

8pm Caleb Pogyor (Singer/Songwriter)




Elks Lodge #339 (Saturday 7/13)
400 Cedar Ave. 21+

6pm  Angela Autumn & The New Makers (Folk)

7pm  Stone Throwers (Indie Rock)

8pm The Dead End Streets (Folk)

9pm Maria Carrelli (Detroit, MI) (Folk)

10pm The Real Sea (Indie Rock)

11pm André Costello and the Cool Minors (Rock)




Allegheny City Brewery (Saturday 7/13)
507 Foreland Ave. All Ages

3pm Six Demon Bag (Indie Rock)

4pm Jessica Rosario (Pop)

5pm Clint Bleil Quartet (Jazz)

6pm Good Ship Gibraltar (Indie Rock)

7pm Sam Stucky (Indie Rock)

8pm Rave Ami (Reggae)

9pm Tetchy (Brooklyn, NY) (Alternative)

10pm Brother From Another Mother (Indie Rock)




PGH Winery Satellite (Saturday 7/13)
709 East St. 21+

4pm Revival Choir (Indie Rock)

5pm Matt Seibel (Electronic)

6pm Crew of the Half Moon (Indie Rock)

7pm Moemaw Naedon (Hip Hop/R&B)

8pm Gallo Locknez (Hip Hop/R&B)

9pm Blue Vervain (Fort Lee, NJ) (Indie Rock)

10pm Essential Machine (Indie Rock)

11pm Shrouded In Neglect (Metal/Hardcore)




Javor Croation National Hall (Saturday7/13)
805 East St. All Ages

3pm Yaro and the Static (Rock)

4pm Gentleman Brawlers (Brooklyn, NY) (Jazz)

5pm Vazum (Detroit, MI) (Rock)




Straub Stage at Deutschtown Center (Saturday 7/13)
801 Vinial St. Outside All Ages      

5pm Kanti Kasa (Hip Hop/R&B)

6pm Identity X (Rock)

7pm Dr. HollyHood (Hip Hop/R&B)

8pm Only Flesh (Metal/Hardcore)

9pm T.K. KAVI (Hip Hop/Rock)




Local Brewhouse (Saturday 7/13)
140 Federal St. All Ages  

4pm Dan Stonerook and the Wounded Moose (Rock)

5pm Oceans to Ash (Metal/Hardcore)

6pm Merz, Miller & The Wolves (Indie Rock)

7pm The Night’s Watch (Metal/Hardcore)

8pm Goest Ryder (Hip Hop/R&B)

9pm Kaelber (Rock)




Wigle Whiskey (Saturday 7/13)
1055 Spring Garden Ave. Outside – All Ages

12pm The Sun Champs (Rock)

1pm ForeverWEST (Hip Hop/R&B)

2pm Big Blitz (Electronic)

3pm The Electric Army (Rock)

4pm Vapo Reeves (Hip Hop/R&B)

5pm Hear Tonight (Indie Rock)

6pm The Cliffdogs (Indie Rock)

7pm Soda Club (Alternative)


9pm Suavity’s Mouthpiece (Pop)




St. Mary’s Lyceum Basement (Saturday 7/13)
910 Chestnut St. 21+ 

5pm Hell’s Oasis (Indie Rock)

6pm Street Pigeons (Rock)

7pm Gator Shakes  (Metal/Hardcore)

8pm Kid Durango (Punk)

9pm Kleptosonic (Rock)

10pm Rat Tits (Rock)




Penn Brewery Restaurant (Saturday 7/13)
800 Vinial St. All Ages

3pm Princess Nostalgia (Alternative)

4pm The Universe Online (Indie Rock)

5pm James Vivirito (Singer/Songwriter)

6pm Paul Tabachneck (Folk)

7pm saltlick (Alternative)

8pm Distelfink (Jazz)




Verdetto’s (Saturday 7/13)
814 Madison Ave. 21+

5pm Shifted Past (Alternative)

6pm Ugly Blondes (Alternative)

7pm Water Trash (Rock)

8pm The Stedwells (Rock)

9pm Adelaide in Autumn (Rock)

10pm Scott Fry Experience (Indie Rock)




Federal Galley (Saturday 7/13)
200 Children’s Way Outside All Ages  

2pm Jor (Hip Hop/R&B)

3pm Villainess (Rock)

4pm The Fall Down (Alternative)

5pm AE Honick & Friends (Rock)

6pm SOLARBURN (Rock)

7pm Ishtar Vintage Bellydance Band (Other)

8pm Optimistic Apocalypse (Alternative)

9pm Of Sea and Stone (St. Louis/Nashville, MO/TN) (Folk)

10pm Slim and Red (Indie Rock)




Max’s Allegheny Rathskeller (Saturday 7/13)
537 Suismon St. All Ages

5pm Plasma Arc (Electronic)

6pm NORM (Indie Rock)

7pm Paul Labrise and Friends (Indie Rock)

8pm Turnpike Gardens (Rock)

9pm Sound Elevator (Alternative)

10pm Sorry, I’m Dead (Punk)

11pm Rocky Dennis Face (Punk)





St. Mary’s Lyceum (Saturday 7/13)
910 Chestnut St. 21+

6pm War Street (Alternative)

7pm Bingo Quixote (Indie Rock)

8pm The Bleil Brothers (Jazz)

9pm vireo (Indie Rock)

10pm The Skratchtrax (Punk)

11pm The Long Hunt (Rock)




Penn Brewery Terrace (Saturday 7/13)
800 Vinial St. Outside All Ages

7pm Soul Shine Overdrive (Rock)

8pm Thirty Years Later (Rock)

9pm Blue Clutch (Rock)

10pm Typhoid Rosie (Brooklyn, NY) (Alternative)

11pm Paddy the Wanderer (Indie Rock)




Penn Brewery Biergarten (Saturday 7/13)
800 Vinial St. Outside All Ages

3pm Tupelo and Noah (Singer/Songwriter)

4pm Middle Children (Singer/Songwriter)

5pm Hearken (Alternative)

6pm Thom Hunter and the Rocket Surgeons (Rock)




Blacksmith Studio (Saturday 7/13)
900 Middle St. All Ages

1pm The Zells (Indie Rock)

2pm Princex / Just Fern (Hip-Hop/R&B)

3pm Flower Crown (Indie Rock)

4pm TOP nachos (Queens, NY) (Rock)

5pm Eyebawl (Wilmington, DE) (Alternative)

6pm Grace Vonderkuhn (Wilmington, DE) (Alternative)

7pm Silver Car Crash (Punk)

8pm Niku Daruma (Other)

9pm The Weird Paul Rock Band (Rock)




Penn Brewery Eisenhall (Saturday 7/12)
800 Vinial St. St. All Ages

2pm Jess Klein and the Good Time (Folk)

3pm Gallatin Hall (Folk)

4pm Brewer’s Row (Indie Rock)

5pm Letitia VanSant (Baltimore, MD) (Folk)

6pm Decaffeinated Grapefruit (Alternative)

7pm Dan Getkin and the Twelve Six (Folk)

8pm Victory At The Crossroads (Alternative)

9pm Walkman (Hip Hop/R&B)




Kaffeehaus (Saturday 7/13)
1022 Chestnut St. Outside – All Ages

1pm Three Factions (Rock)

2pm Victoria Morgan (Pop)

3pm TV 2000 (Rock)

4pm Cathy Stewart and the Conspirators (Other)




East St. Beer Garage (Saturday 7/13)
807 East St Outside All Ages

2pm GutterRich (Alternative)

3pm 9Sundays (Rock)

4pm Gladstone Deluxe (Electronic)

5pm Neostem (Alternative)

6pm Hepcat Dilemma (Alternative)

7pm Bstrok (Franklin, MA) (Hip Hop/R&B)

8pm Charlie Wheeler Band  (Rock)




East Commons Fountain (Saturday 7/13)

1pm Vocal Confluence (Other)

3pm Colonel Eagleburger’s Highstepping Goodtime Band   (Folk)




Siempre Algo (Saturday 7/13)
414 East Ohio St. All Ages

5pm Jon Bañuelos (Singer/Songwriter)

6pm WYEP Singer-Songwriter Competition (Singer/Songwriter)

7pm WYEP Singer-Songwriter Competition (Singer/Songwriter)

8pm Jordan York (Pop)

9pm Bia (Singer/Songwriter)

10pm Paul Eisert (Singer/Songwriter)




Mike’s Beer Bar (Saturday 7/13)
110 Federal St. All Ages

6pm HABATAT (Jazz)

7pm Zoom Grand Caravan (Alternative)

8pm James Wolff (Rock)

9pm Different Places in SPACE (Rock)

10pm – 1am theCAUSE (Rock)




Youth Stage (Saturday 7/13)
James St. and Suismon St. Outside All Ages

1pm School of Rock South Hills House Band (Rock)

2pm Self-Seriousness (Rock)

3pm MellowPhobia (Alternative)

4pm Sophia Blake (Pop)

5pm The Allies (Alternative)

6pm This Is The World (Rock)

7pm Safety Last (Alternative)

8pm Sunburst School of Music House Band (Rock)




Teutonia Mannerchor Tent (Saturday 7/13)
857 Phineas St Outside All Ages

5pm Witch Baby (Folk)

6pm Hen Pills (Indie Rock)

7pm Iron & Rope (Alternative)

8pm Echo Lightwave Unspeakable (Other)

9pm The Low Kings (Celtic Rock)




Teutonia Mannerchor (Saturday 7/13)
857 Phineas St 21+

3pm The Shameless Hex (Folk)

4pm Younger (Indie Rock)

5pm Bitter Whiskers (Folk)

6pm Jenny and the Jags (Rock)

7pm Sean Howard Orchestra (Folk)

8pm Alan Getto (Folk)

9pm Jordan McLaughlin and the Fourth Hour (Folk)

10pm townsppl (Folk)




Annex (Saturday 7/13)
522 East Ohio St. All Ages

12pm Jordan Auth (Singer/Songwriter)

1pm Morgan Erina (Singer/Songwriter)

2pm Brad Yoder (Singer/Songwriter)

3pm Zoob (Singer/Songwriter)

4pm Danny Rectenwald (Singer/Songwriter)




The Government Center (Saturday 7/13)
519 E Ohio St All Ages

1pm Lorenzo’s Oil (Other)

2pm There You Are (Alternative)

3pm Native Alloys (Alternative)

4pm Strange Monsters (Indie Rock)

5pm Venus Monolith (Rock)

6pm Dumplings (Indie Rock)

7pm Crystal Lee Morgan (Pop)

8pm Los Vampiros Amarillos (Rock)

9pm Swampwalk (Electronic)

10pm The Nox Boys (Rock)




Bier’s Pub (Saturday 7/13)
900 Western Ave All Ages

7pm Red Beans and Rice Combo (Folk)




Park House (Saturday 7/13)
403 East Ohio St 21+

9pm The Pump Fakes (Rock)



You can enjoy the full 90 minute HughShows Holiday musical special right now from the comfort of your home, or phone as these nutty kids do.

Featuring 17 performances from Pittsburgh’s most talented musicians covering your favorite seasonal classics including a few original songs written just for this special.

Led by musical director Nathan Zoob, the house band (including Abigail Iksic, Shawn McGregor, Roger Romero, and Chris Trepagnier) backs guest vocalists SPISH, Mark Dignam, Sierra Sellers, Gene Stovall, Becki Gallagher, André Costello with Guy Russo, Chloe Wiecz, Markila Sherman, and Addi Twigg. Special musical guests also include Avi Diamond with Morgan Erina, Murder for Girls, Arlo Aldo, Just Fern, Molly Alphabet, Wreck Loose, Clara Kent, and the long awaited reunion of Broken Fences.

For a small donation to help keep HughShows going in the new year, you can receive the full show as special gift.

As an added incentive, anyone who does donate and download will be entered into a special raffle.

If you are in a band and would like the opportunity to perform at the 2019 Deutschtown Music Festival in July (12th or 13th), now is your chance. One lucky winner will be randomly chosen to play on one of the four outdoor Main Stages of the festival! This year for the first time, there will be four headlining, family-friendly (clean sets, please) stages including the Foreland Stage, the Park Stage, the Skyline Stage, and the Nova Place Stage. If your band is chosen, you can choose which of these stages you would like to perform on.

To be eligible, on the Checkout Page at the bottom under Additional Information, type in your band name in the Notes About Your Order field.

Spread the word to your fanbase and they can donate and download and on your behalf (as long as they enter your band name in the ‘Notes’ field at checkout) to increase your chances!

The download and raffle will only be available starting now until the early part of of 2019 when we will draw and announce a winner in January!

Head on over to to download.

Good luck and Happy Holidays.

We’re loud, we like to drink, there are a lot of us.”
The Deutschtown Music Festival starts this week! Every day on the blog I am featuring a band from Pittsburgh who I discovered through the submission process and are performing this weekend.

iNCO FIdO is a ska-punk rock and roll band from Pittsburgh who totally blew me away when I saw them perform at the Millvale Music Festival in May. Comparisons to The Commonheart are a tad too easy but with a stage full of musicians, a horn section and energetic frontman singing his heart out, you will share the sentiment the moment you witness their amazingly, energetic live show. Do yourself the favor and catch them at the 6th Annual Deutschtown Music Festival this Saturday, July 14 at 4pm on the Skyline Stage in Allegheny Commons Park by the Sue Murray Pool. For a preview, the band will be performing a couple songs on 102.5 WDVE this morning (7/11) at 9:15am. I want to thank Chuck Veri (Vocals) for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

The first album you ever bought?

The first album I ever bought for myself was Dookie by Green Day, this album began the journey down a punk rock rabbit hole that I still haven’t found the bottom of 24 years later.

Your last album bought?

I just recently bought Pacifisticuffs by Diablo Swing Orchestra. I love this band, a little bit of swing, a little bit of opera, and a whole lot of heavy metal, I’ve never heard anything like this band.

Favorite album of all time?

This question required quite a bit of thought, but I’ve decided to go with Gemstones by Adam Green. Imagine a collection of songs in which Neil Diamond wrote all the music and Hunter S. Thompson wrote all the lyrics. This album has a profound impact on my song writing, got me thinking in layers, and is a great example of duality in song writing as the music is very beautiful, but lyrically very ugly and dark.

Least favorite/most disappointing album?

I’ve been trying to come up with an answer for this, and I’m drawing a blank. I’ve had some albums that I was initially disappointed in, but upon further listening I’ve either found the good in them, or realized that the problem was myself.

First concert attended?

The Beach Boys at Star Lake Amphitheater. I don’t remember the exact date, but it was the summer of 1991.

Last concert?

Punk in Drublic Festival at Highmark Stadium. This was an awesome day, my buddy DanK was able to score us some staff passes so we got to watch Bad Religion play their Suffer album front to back from the private balcony… I may have teared up a bit.

Favorite concert ever?

It was Against Me! April 6th 2004 at the Ottobar in Baltimore MD. I was all alone in a strange city and the energy in that room was absolutely electric. There was just something in the air that night, with that band and that crowd in that room that I have never felt before or since.

Least favorite concert?

John Michael Montgomery, and it wasn’t even that he didn’t play well, I’m just not a fan of pop-country music.

Favorite thoughts, experiences about Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh is my home. I was born and raised here, but throughout my 20’s and early 30’s I traveled extensively. I’ve lived in a number of places, some short term and some long term, but wherever I’ve gone or wherever I’ve tried to settle, no place has ever felt like home. I always end up back in Pittsburgh and if I have my way I’ll never live anywhere else. I love the people, the skyline, the music, the art, the messed up roads, the seemingly arbitrary way that the city is laid out, the “you can’t get there from here”, I love the parks, and the neighborhoods. I love that there are parts of this city where you can go from a completely urbanized setting to a green space that’ll make you forget the city exists in just a few steps. I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point.

Thanks, Chuck. Your Punk in Drublic story is the best of what going to a show is all about. Scoring some VIP seats. The band playing the whole album. It seems to me that fleeting experiences like that are what make up going to shows all worthwhile and stick with you forever.

“alt/indie/rock/pop two piece band trying our best. thanks for listening! :)”

The Deutschtown Music Festival starts this week! Every day on the blog I am featuring a band from Pittsburgh who I discovered through the submission process and are performing this weekend.

Raven Clifton is an indie pop artist from Pittsburgh who is just emerging on the local scene with the help of her fantastic debut Hive Mind. Definitely catch her at the HughShows Stage (Middle and Foreland) this Saturday, July 14 at 1pm at the 6th Annual Deutschtown Music Festival. I want to thank Raven (Guitar/Vocals) for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

The first album you ever bought?

I’m not 100% sure about this. Might have been the soundtrack to the Rugrats in Paris movie. Or the very first S Club 7 album. Clearly I was a very cool kid.

Your last album bought?

Favorite album of all time?

I have two, I really can’t decide between them; My Chemical Romance’s The Black Parade and La Dispute’s Wildlife. They both have my angsty, emo little heart.

Least favorite/most disappointing album?

The only album I specifically remember being disappointed by was The Killer’s Sam’s Town. But then I listened to it a few times on a cross country road trip and fell in love with it a little bit? So I guess I end up liking anything that I hear enough times.

First concert attended?

It might have been Mindless Self Indulgence? Very weird first concert experience. Lots of people in costumes. I did not understand what was going on.

Favorite concert ever?
Green Day. I saw them for the first time after 21st Century Breakdown came out. They played for like 2+ hours straight and were high energy the whole time, it was amazing.
Least favorite concert?

I once went with my mom to see Def Leppard. Oof. That was not for me. Favorite thoughts, experiences about Pittsburgh?

I’m just slowly starting to get into the music scene here and I’m really excited to become a part of it. I think it’s awesome how many dedicated, passionate people there are here who are (and have been) building up the local music scene with events and festivals and all this DIY jazz. It’s a great place to be.

Thanks, Raven. I have to tell you that I really do love your music. I cannot wait to see you perform this Saturday! And by the way, Def Leppard isn’t TOO bad…

“ATL&S was founded on August 29th 2014 by members Al Snyder & Michael Lewandowski. The death of Michael’s mom sparked an interesting song recording duo that flourished into the sound that we have today. Prior to Beverly Lewandowski passing away, Michael spent many days in the studio with Al recording his own songs and attempting to make it on his own. Upon her death, Michael asked Al to sing the song ‘Goodbye for Now’ and at that moment realized something amazing was created. From there they continued to record song after song and believed in what they were creating. It was so different and unique than anything produced prior. Since then, the band has consistently been focused on recording new albums and attempting newer

The Deutschtown Music Festival starts this week! Every day on the blog I am featuring a band from Pittsburgh who I discovered through the submission process and are performing this weekend

ATL&S is a genre bending band from Pittsburgh who’s debut self-titled album from last year has just spawned the band’s first music video for the track “As Beautiful As You.” I will bet my mortgage that you will hear the song live as the band play the 6th Annual Deutschtown Music Festival this upcoming Saturday (7/14) at 11pm at the Pittsburgh Winery Pop Up Stage at the former James Street Tavern Ballroom Upstairs. I want to thank Michael Lewandowski (Guitar/Vocals) for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

The first album you ever bought?

This is probably going to blow your mind, however I never purchased an album until I was 25 years old. I started playing the guitar at 19 and had no real interest in music until then. After I started jamming, I became a huge Led Zeppelin fan which sparked my true love for music. As for the question, I purchased my friend Brian Foye’s album who sings on one of our original songs. He is a singer / songwriter out of Boston and has created many original tunes – the album title is Rough Drafts.

Your last album bought?

To go directly along with my first answer, that was the first and last!

Favorite album of all time?

I am a huge Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Guns & Roses, and Tom Petty fan. I would say (if this isn’t cheating) that my favorite all time album would be Tom Petty’s Greatest Hits. I’ve listened to that album easily 500 times throughout my life. It never gets old, the music is timeless.

Least favorite/most disappointing album?

I will definitely not be able to answer this, if I don’t like the first song I will immediately turn it off. Honestly, I listen to the same artists / songs pretty much daily. I like to listen to music that moves me emotionally, grows me personally, and makes my life better. The music I relate to most is the older generations. I think they spent more time on the art side than the money side. I don’t listen to music that doesn’t improve me personally.

First concert attended?

Bon Jovi a long, long time ago. It was the first time I’ve ever smoked anythingtoo – and yes it was only a cigar. However it was a fun experience. I went with my brother D, friend Dan, and a few other friends. It was my first time at the Pavilion, the weather was flawless, people were happy, it was a great scene.

Last concert?

Honestly I can’t remember. I think the last was a girl who dances around and plays a violin. The past few years I’ve been working a full time job, started a lighting company called Pittsburgh SociaLights, got my MBA at Pitt, recorded two albums / a bunch of music (and other) videos, and planned a wedding and gotmarried a month ago. I didn’t really have time to go out and explore other artists. Hoping that changes soon!

Favorite concert ever?

Tom Petty a few years back. Once again the perfect day out at the Pavilion, we had a bus take 30 of us and had an absolute blast. Definitely a concert to remember forever.

Least favorite concert?

My friend brought me to some rap concert at Rex Theater. I can’t even describe to you what I witnessed. It was the worst 45 minutes of my life – every song was terrible. Some guy that talks about tip toeing in his Jordan’s? Anyways, won’t be seeing that again.

Favorite thoughts, experiences about Pittsburgh?

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh. I’ve spent time traveling the world, and there is nothing like it. It’s home to me. For me, life really comes down to friends and family and they are all right here.

Thanks, Michael. Seriously? 25 years old? The first time you bought an album? AND that was the last time you bought one? Yes… MIND – BLOWN!

This year marks the sixth year straight that music, food, and families take over the historic Deutschtown section of the Northside of Pittsburgh for two days of free fun.

A few new things this year are:

I am thrilled to announce we are renaming the former Main Stage at Middle and Foreland streets to be now referred to as the HughShows Stage! It has such a nice ring to it, doesn’t? The HughShows Stage will also run on Friday evening for the first time, as well as Saturday.

We are also adding the scenic Skyline Stage in Allegheny Commons Park by the Elks Lodge to our festival on Saturday.

We have also added some other new stages for this year (Nova Place, Threadbare Cider & Mead, and a few cool POP-Up Stages around Deutschtown) totaling over 50 stages over the course of two days.

As previously mentioned here, we are also resurrecting the former James St. Tavern building in cooperation with our friends from the Pittsburgh Winery to host bands on all three levels Friday night and Saturday all day and night!

Here is the entire band schedule for both Friday, July 13 and Saturday, July 14, 2018 with venue locations and set times.

Friday, July 13, 2018

HughShows Stage Middle and Foreland Outside – All Ages

Park Stage Allegheny Commons East Outside – All Ages

Threadbare Tent 1291 Spring Garden Ave Outside – All Ages

Threadbare Warehouse 1291 Spring Garden Ave All Ages

Threadbare Restaurant 1291 Spring Garden Ave All Ages

The Park House 403 East Ohio St

Arnold’s Tea 502 E. Ohio St. All Ages

Elks Lodge #339 400 Cedar Ave.

Allegheny City Brewery 507 Foreland Ave.

PGH Winery Satellite 709 East St.

Wigle Whiskey 1055 Spring Garden Ave. Outside – All Ages

YMR Club 631 Suismon St.

Penn Brew Restaurant 800 Vinial St. All Ages

Verdettos 814 Madison Ave.

Huszar 627 E North Ave

Max’s Allegheny Rathskeller 537 Suismon St

Nova Place Restaurant 100 South Commons All Ages

St. Mary’s Lyceum| 910 Chestnut St.

PGH Winery Satellite – Basement 422 Foreland St.

PGH Winery Satellite – Upstairs 422 Foreland St.

Saturday, July 14, 2018 HughShows Stage Middle St. and Foreland St. Outside – All Ages

Park Stage Allegheny Commons East Outside – All Ages

Skyline Stage Allegheny Commons Park Outside – All Ages

Nova Place 100 South Commons Outside – All Ages

Threadbare Tent 1291 Spring Garden Ave Outside – All Ages

Threadbare Eatery 1291 Spring Garden Ave All Ages

Threadbare Warehouse 1291 Spring Garden Ave All Ages

Wigle Whiskey 1055 Spring Garden Ave. Outside – All Ages

AIR presented by Wigle Whiskey

Huszar 627 E North Ave.

Max’s Allegheny Ratskeller 537 Suismon St.

Penn Brewery Biergarter 800 Vinial St. Outside – All Ages

Penn Brewery Terrace 800 Vinial St. Outside – All Ages

Penn Brewery Restaurant 800 Vinial St. All Ages

Elks Lodge #339 400 Cedar Ave.

Arnold’s Tea 502 E. Ohio St. All Ages

Annex 522 East St. All Ages

Allegheny City Brewing 507 Foreland Ave.

PGH Winery Satellite 709 East St.

Kaffeehaus 1022 Chestnut St. Outside – All Ages

Verdettos 814 Madison Ave.

YMR Club 631 Suismon St.

East St Beer 807 East St

The Blacksmith Studio 900 Middle St. All Ages

St. Marys Lyceum 910 Chestnut St.

Open Air Brass and Drums Roaming Artists at Large Times TBA Magnificent Street Entertainment M.S.E Timbeleza Colonel Eagleburger’s Highstepping Goodtime Band Run the Meat Youth Stage James St. and Suismon St.

PGH Winery Satellite – Upstairs

PGH Winery Satellite – Ground Floor 422 Foreland St.

PGH Winery Satellite – Basement 422 Foreland St

Schedule subject to change.

We here at the Deutschtown Music Festival have been working our tails off to make our upcoming 6th year our best ever.

We will have more bands, more stages, and more activities for you to enjoy this year as we take over the Northside of Pittsburgh on Friday evening, July 13th and all day and night Saturday, July 14th, 2018. We wanted to let everyone know a special aspect that we have kept mum until now.

We are taking over all three floors of the 422 building, belovedly known as James Street, which was closed down late last year. There are going to be a total of 50 bands on every level both days of the festival. Our buddy Tim Gaber of Pittsburgh Winery will be on hand selling his delicious wine and other adult beverages as we are so excited to be welcoming back that space in style.

Who will be playing there and all the other venues this year? I will be revealing the entire band schedule
this Thursday and Friday. Stay tuned…

If you would like to be considered to play this year at the Deutschtown Music Festival, please submit here by Saturday, March 17th.

The two day, all free festival takes place on Pittsburgh’s historic Northside on Friday and Saturday, July 13 & 14, 2018.

Deutschtown Music Festival 2017 Band Lineup and Venue Set Times This year marks the fifth year straight that music, food, and families take over the historic Deutschtown section of the Northside of Pittsburgh for two days of free fun. Here is the entire band schedule with venue set times.

Please note: Schedule subject to change

Deutschtown Music Festival 2017 Band Lineup and Venue Set Times This year marks the fifth year straight that music, food, and families take over the historic Deutschtown section of the Northside of Pittsburgh for two days of free fun. I will exclusively be rolling out the festival band schedule every day this week.

Please note: Schedule subject to change

Deutschtown Music Festival 2017 Band Lineup and Venue Set Times This year marks the fifth year straight that music, food, and families take over the historic Deutschtown section of the Northside of Pittsburgh for two days of free fun. I will exclusively be rolling out the festival band schedule every day this week.