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Donora’s second CD is officially released today! If you haven’t done so yet, grab it here. They celebrated with a local gig a couple weeks and ago and as always they put on such a fun show.

LohioDonora CD Release Show Friday December 19, 2008 Rex Theater Southside

I could see this band anytime. The new album is great and they songs are killer live. I love it when the band rocks out. My favorite song by the band is ‘Fainting Goats’ off the first release. There is a sweet acoustic version streaming on their webpage from a radio session. So, so killer! What I want to know is how can a guy get the rest of the session?

Meeting Of Important People Donora CD Release Show Friday December 19, 2008 Rex Theater Southside

I haven’t flipped for a band this much in a long time. Their myspace tracks are a cruel tease in anticipation of their debut release this spring. I was able to track down Josh’s former band’s disc (The You:For The Masses) at CD Baby. Oddly enough, it seems I might have snagged the last copy as it lists as out of stock now.

Donora Friday December 19, 2008 Rex Theater Southside

This was a phenomenal show. The band seemed excited and the crowd was very enthusiastic. Thanks to Jake, I was familiar with all of the songs that they played which sounded great live. Even the jaded sound mixer was impressed with the music and the turnout for the show. With soundcheck, the opening bands, and the show itself, I ended up taking more pictures at a concert than I ever have before. I have 11 GB of memory with me and I never thought that I would use that much in a single night. By the last song I was actually erasing blurry pics to keep on snapping. It always fascinates me to talk to musicians. I am always intrigued how they balance ‘band life’ and ‘ordinary life’. To me, I guess I have this idyllic notion that Donora supports itself through record sales and touring. Reality says different. Most people in bands have ‘normal’ jobs and unless they become freakishly popular, their music is an outlet that they are able to pursue either diligently or casually. There has to come a time in a band’s career when they have to choose I suppose. That to me would be a scary prospect. The uncertainty of the business and how it could change your perception of things. Whoa, heavy stuff.

Southside It’s totally unfair to compare the brothers Bubenheim to any other band. They swap instruments and yeah, you think The White Stripes and The Black Keys (drums and guitar only will do that) but these guys tunes are in a slightly different vein (listen to Off In Your Coffin…killer). Granted, I only saw a half hour of their music but considering I really liked the set, it I am totally excited to see them again. Also, I don’t want to sound like a broken record when it comes to meeting musicians but when people are as friendly as Aaron and David are, you cannot but help respect them a little more. More from them tomorrow.