“Five friends who love to hang out and play music together. Our easy-going relationship translates well to our performance on the stage. We incorporate multiple instruments such as ukulele and trumpet to make it feel more like a party than a show. Our number one priority is that our fans have a blast listening to us make music.”

Easy Roscoe is an alternative pop rock band from Nashville who’s members have ties to Pittsburgh as some of them grew up here before relocating to TN. Their debut album “Keep the Dancin’ Dancin’” is out now and the band returns home this Saturday (9/5) for a show with fellow Nashvillians Super Shaker and locals Turnpike Gardens. I want to thank Jon Worthy (Guitar/Ukulele), Ian Fondrk (Guitar/Vocals), Logan Coats (Guitar/Trumpet/Vocals) and Austin Mcfall (Bass Vocals) for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

Thanks, guys. Let me be the first to welcome you home and hopefully I will be able to say it in person Saturday.