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“Elliott BROOD have always been time travellers. The Toronto trio writes songs steeped in history that feel very present. They’ve done their share of actual travelling, too, these musical troubadours, acoustic guitars and banjos slung over their sharp suits as they barnstormed across Canada and beyond. For the new album Days Into Years it was century-old stories encountered an ocean away that brought them closest to home.
On the band’s first European tour back in 2007 they found themselves driving through the backroads of France. Vocalist Mark Sasso, guitarist Casey Laforet and drummer Stephen Pitkin, all enthusiasts of military history, raised on the harrowing stories of Canadians in World War 1, were simply looking to avoid the toll highways. Then they came upon a sign for a WW1 military cemetery.”

You can check out the band at their official Website, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. I have loved this band the moment I heard them ten years ago. Their last album, 2011’s “Days Into Years“, is just as fantastic as their previous three. I have been fortunate enough to have seen them play a few times and while looking to prep the post, I actually stumbled upon a video of them playing my favorite song of their, ‘Twill‘, recorded in Pittsburgh last time they were here. My sincere thanks to my man Stephen Pitkin (Drums) for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

Thanks, Stephen. Seriously, 2009 is way too long for you guys to be away from Pittsburgh. Come back soon!

What a fantastic band. Not only did they bring it on the final night of a two month tour, they played my absolute favorite song of theirs (see heading), they brought the entire criminally small crowd to their feet and they also opened my eyes to how great the newest release is. I have heard it but was somewhat disappointed compared to the old stuff. What was I thinking? I love it when I am seeing musicians live, making me appreciate the studio stuff more. As I said, what a fantastic band!