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“Both of us born and raised in Pittsburgh, have been making music together for about 7 years through various projects. Fire Safe Cigarettes was started after being unable to find reliable band mates, but wanting a way to make music that we were 100 percent happy with. We started experimenting with various effects, instruments, and recording techniques, and eventually we found a sound that we are both extremely happy with and are excited to expand on… .a smorgasbord of non fire safe cigarettes, booze, and dreams of socialism.”

Fire Safe Cigarettes is a brand spanking new local indie folk rock duo who take their cue from such diverse acts as The Libertines and Jefferson Airplane. They recently released their debut EP entitled Honey Overflow and can be seen playing out and about Pittsburgh, I want to thank George Gardner (Guitar/Mandolin/Backing Vocals) and Kevin Kiley (Bass/Banjo/Lead Vocals) for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.