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“Sounds like: Your senses feel. Questions. Your first kiss. Dreams. Possibility. The universe. The tiny moments. Nature. What you see when you close your eyes. Love. Filtered light. Fear. Feelings without words. The unknown. The mysteries of deep science. Hope. Connection. Time. Attraction. Meteor Showers. The death of a friend. The Deep. Space. Memory. Another life. Perspective.”

Ganemyde is the moniker for Pittsburgh producer Jarrod Leda who’s latest release is the Echoes Over Orange Mountain EP via Cyborg Recordings. Self-described as ‘melodic, reverb soaked sci-fi shoegaze,’ the music takes cues from Massive Attack, Orb, and Phoenix and the like. I want to thank Jarrod for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

Thanks, Jarrod. I have to admit, EDM is not a genre I am at all that familiar with and it is always cool to be able to check it out through producing these Q&As.