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As I previously mentioned, I really had too much fun at this show. The venue is a screen printing studio that I will hopefully be taking classes at soon. The ‘artsy-farsty’ crowd was mingling upstairs while the -rock-n-rollers’ were enjoying the music downstairs. Best of both artistic worlds. Hopefully there will be more cool gigs there soon. As for the band, they are back being a smoking quintet with the addition of Matt on keys and guitar and if you don’t believe the hype, you haven’t heard the awesome break in ‘Only Thing’, have you?

The band’s album release gig was officially announced today but last week the band played TEN shows in five days. I was able to catch the last two, this one being the penultimate show of the ‘tour’. They sounded unsurprisingly tight and I was fortunate enough to snag an early copy of the excellent new disc. Thanks Megan!

It’s very difficult to explain to someone the power that music can have over you. Some will look at this ‘pick’ and wonder how in the world it could be my favorite show of the several dozens I have seen this year. Simply put, they opened the set with a request of mine that literally had me on the verge of tears. It was such a moving moment for me that I will never forget it. Sounds all mushy and maybe dumb but to be honest, it will stand as my favorite concert moment that I ever had. Just exactly perfect! I am truly grateful that the band took the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

Thanks so much Steve, Megan, Trevor and Dan. Cannot wait for the new music this year!

The band has only played four locals gigs this year and I made it my mission to see every one of them. Steve is even considering designating me the honorary fifth member of the band. Billy Preston got nothing on me! More from the group in my end of the year wrap-up soon.

Two of my favorite local bands coming out of ‘hiding’ to play a double bill in a place I’ve never been? Nothing was stopping me from seeing this gig. Unfortunately, the fire code occupancy limit did stop several from attending and they were turned away at the door, even though there was PLENTY of ‘space upstairs’ available.

The problem was that there is only one stairwell in the joint and I am guessing getting caught packing the place was just too much of a risk to all involved. Besides new music, both bands are working on changing things up in the 2012 and you can bet I will be covering it all.

The much touted VIA Fest was this weekend but I took an alternative path and caught up with a few local favorite bands that I hadn’t seen in awhile. This particular show was a house gig won by a couple who live in Crafton, mere minutes from my childhood home where my mother was babysitting the kids while my wife made a rare appearance out. I was debating on whether to even go this night for several reasons. I just saw the band the night before, I didn’t know the hosts and we weren’t able to stay out too late anyway. I am so glad I decided to go because the band played even better than the night before, the hosts were super nice and welcoming and the music wrapped up around the time we had to leave. Add the fact that they opened with a special acoustic version of my all time favorite song from them, this easily turned out to be my favorite show of this year so far!

GNS have been laying low of late. Except for a fantastic set last summer, it’s been a year and change since we’ve heard a peep from them. There is good reason for the silence, they are hard at work on their upcoming album and I was lucky enough to be able to get a taste of what they are coming up with. I have heard early incarnations of the songs, or as they say in musician-speak ‘demos’, and I am so excited to report that this release will be stellar! Stayed tuned for more info here as things materialize.

It’s no secret to anyone who’s visited this blog that I love this band. After a half year hiatus, they return for a one-off show to support another group I can’t get enough of for their CD release show, MOIP. They sounded great and I am hoping they play again sooner rather than later. Some more detailed fanboy love here and here.

Good Night, States have been awfully quiet as of late. So what’s up you ask? Well, am very happy to report that they are currently working on new material for an upcoming release. They are also getting ready to play an as of now one off set supporting MIOP for their all ages CD release show at the Warhol on July 30th, the first performance in six months and the first without multi-instrumentalist Joe Tanner. As a bonus, at least to me, they have used my photos for their Moo mini-business cards. Nice!

Good Night, States were one of the first bands I saw in 2009. How nice that they were the last. They have become friends of mine and I cannot wait to hear some new music soon. I have to extend regards to my man Joe, who will no longer be in the band, and acknowledge that from a fan’s perspective, he will be sorely missed. Good luck, buddy. More pics here.

Talk about a perfect night. A lovely dinner with my beautiful wife, two sets of incredible music from my favorite bands (‘List Show’ AND ‘Neighborhood Roofs’!!!), and giggling with my children as we welcome 2010. Thank you Pittsburgh! I am one very appreciative and lucky guy.

I was really jazzed to hear the new release live in it’s entirety. I actually heard almost all of it during the rehearsal photo session we did a few weeks back but never got to hear my favorite track, “Neighborhood Roofs” until they closed out the night with it at the Thunderbird. I drunkenly confessed to Megan that the song is probably my favorite song of all time! Well, yeah, that’s what that nasty Hop Devil will do to you sometimes but in recollection the statement is not that far off. So, so beautiful.

The band were scheduled to play on the station’s Live Show program but due to technical problems never were able to record. They are participating in the stations Day at Pitt tomorrow, Monday September 21. Too bad I have a commitment called a job that I won’t be able to swing the show. Looks like a local music lover’s dream. Bummer. More pics here.

The band was cool enough to treat me to breakfast as we used the eclectically unique backdrop of Zenith before doors opened to the public for my first band promo shoot. The photos will be used for an upcoming feature in Maniac Magazine. Yea! After, we went to Pitt for an ill-fated radio session that I’ll feature later. More from the session here.

Good Night, States
CD Release Show

Tomorrow night, Friday September 11th, at The Thunderbird! Will be way fun.

The new release from Good Night, States is a slight turn in a different direction for the band. First and foremost, it was mainly recorded by Steve Gretz and Joe Tanner as they live out of state and for convenience sake, put together the CD on their own. What struck me at first was the stripped down feel to music, not quite ‘demo-ish’ but certainly lacking the subdued bombast of the previous stuff, even though there are traces of it during the closing moments on the set’s opener ‘Arsonist’s Blues’. Yes, it’s a gentler GNS but that’s no reason to shy away. This is great music that is hook laden throughout. I hear a weariness in Steve’s voice and words that fits perfectly with the Elliott Smith style arrangement on a few songs, especially ‘River In The Dry’. I was wondering how the full band would play this material and was surprised that they all pull it off by utilizing gizmos and gadgets that stay true to the recorded music. I am thrilled that I will be seeing them twice in as many days in a few weeks and even though I have an advanced copy, I will be picking up an extra one for good measure. My absolute favorite song, ‘Neighborhood Roofs’, closes the disc and leaves me whistling the outro melody long after the music stops.

As reported previously, I had the extreme pleasure to photograph the group as they ran through the new EP for the upcoming release show on Friday September 11 at The Thunderbird. It was so much fun hanging out them and I always enjoy seeing the dynamic of a band in ‘real life’. They couldn’t have been more cool and welcoming to me and I appreciate it so much. The material is translated extremely well live and you should definitely be at The Thunderbird to hear it for yourself. As if that wasn’t reason enough to go, the boys from Meeting Of Important People are opening! I will be seeing them again this month in Carnegie at the annual blues fest and I will review the EP proper in an upcoming post. Enjoy lots more photos here.

I was fortunate enough to hang with GNS as they went over and practiced the new EP to be released on September 11 at the Thunderbird Cafe. I was sent an advanced copy of said EP, In The Impossible Tension, and have been loving it. A proper review is coming soon enough. As I entered the house the band couldn’t have been more cordial to me. Trevor began the afternoon by explaining to me his creation. This box did something or another with a radio and the keyboard. Phasing this and that, it sounded extremely complex. He didn’t touch the bass once. My man. More soon.

WYEP 10th Annual Alternative Souper Bow

I love the fact that this band was on the bill this year and they included (albeit short and toned down a tad) a signature ‘feedback’ segue in their set…in a BOOKSTORE! More tomorrow.

Borders Eastside East Liberty This is always a nice diversion to the big game later in the evening. I have been going for three years now and what a way to spotlight and discover local music. I’ll have much more in the days to come.