”A talent-packed trio whose musical compatibility and genuine enjoyment of what they do is obvious to everyone who watches them. Their blues rock sound is equal parts powerful and heartfelt, energetic and nuanced, straightforward and skillful.”

Melanie Stangl, Sound Scene Express Grandadchilds are a Pittsburgh blues rock power trio who are recent additions to the ever burgeoning music scene in town. With the release of their smoking debut single Jabberwocky Blues, they are quickly becoming a staple with the ‘you have to see this band’ tag frequently tossed around when discussing them. Witness for yourself the buzz when the band plays the Easy Street Live Music PGH Launch Party this Friday (11/4) at The Funhouse at Mr. Smalls along with Cisco Kid and Spencer Allen Patrick. I want to thank John Rushlander (Guitar/Vocals), Tyler McLaughlin (Bass), and Evan Pearson (Drums) for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

The first album you ever bought?

John Rushlander: What Were Once Habits Are Now Vices The Doobie Brothers.
Tyler McLaughlin: Baptism Lenny Kravitz. Evan Pearson: Highway to Hell AC/DC.

Your last album bought?

John: Voodoo Soup Jimi Hendrix. Tyler: Marcus King Band. Evan: Greatest Hits Jefferson Airplane

Favorite album of all time?

John: Tres Hombres ZZ Top. Tyler: Idlewild South Allman Brothers Band. Evan: Houses of the Holy Led Zeppelin.

First concert attended?

John: Dave Matthews Band Tyler: Whole Wheat Bread. Evan: N’SYNC.

Last concert?

All: Gary Clark Jr.

Favorite concert ever?

John: John Cleary & the Monster Gentlemen at Chickie Wah Wah. Tyler: The Peach Festival, 2014. Evan: Radiohead. Bonnaroo, 2012.

Favorite thoughts, experiences about Pittsburgh?

John: Excellent music scene with so much potential to grow. People in Pittsburgh are real. Tyler: One of the greatest American cities. The land we stand on is sacred… It is the dust and blood of our predecessors. Pittsburgh provides great freedom, holds an intimate and absorbing respect for life, and some of the strongest principles of honesty, generosity, and authenticity I’ve found. Evan: Really cool scene with an absurd amount of awesome music right now. The venues and promoters have been great too. I believe that it only can get better from here too.

Thanks, fellas. This scene (and city) is certainly a poppin’!