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“The Honeyriders are *of* Pittsburgh, yes, but where are they from? Best we can tell, three Americans, a Mexican and a Brit all met in the witness protection program, and this marvelous musical endeavor (whose influences run the table from reggae and ska to twangy pop to good ol’ gravelly rock with some bebop thrown in for good measure) is their plan for ‘hiding in plain sight’. Go see them before their case officer finds out what they’re doing.”

Honeyriders are a Pittsburgh based rock band who’s debut album Tautology can be described as a throwback to 80’s pop. The band plays out often around town and while they continue to work on new music, I want to thank songwriter Mark Fern (Guitar/Vocals) for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

Thanks, Mark. I am definitely more of an album guy. I remember buying singles on 45 when I was a kid and never really getting into albums until much later. Now with digital formats, I can see the interest in single songs gaining favor but I will always prefer entire albums to discover those buried gems.