When I launched a music website on July 18, 2004 that would focus on my photos, ephemera, and setlists from concerts I attended in Pittsburgh, I could never imagine that I would still be doing it 15 years later, let alone the way it has evolved since then. Based on what I was feeling at any given time, this ‘hobby’ has become a natural extension of my interests and I was always willing to change (it wasn’t even called HughShows for the first couple of weeks as you can tell from the image above!) It became a blog, it became a vehicle to put on some of my DIY shows, it became a TV series, and it allowed me to network and work with so many cool people, most notably my friends from the Deutschtown Music Festival. And the important thing to note is that the reason I did became friends with so many people in Pittsburgh music is due to the simple fact that this was always a positive entity for me. I rarely, if ever, complained about what I was doing because no one told me what to do and I loved every minute of it. I have to mention so many artists and musicians really kept me going throughout these years through their generosity and openness and I will never be able to sufficiently respond in kind. Finally, I have to thank every single person who has ever visited the site, liked a photo or post, gave me encouragement, came to one of my shows, posted a positive comment and who were just supportive in any way to HughShows. I really do appreciate it more than you will ever know.

So let’s keep going and to celebrate, at the bottom of the page on HughShows Radio you can stream the entire set from Meeting of Important People from the Lohio reunion show at the Thunderbird Café on January 17, 2015. How fitting!