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“L.A.-based singer-songwriter Jim Hanft’s songs carry both the comfort of familiarity and the excitement of discovery-and they’re gaining him a stream of praise from fans, tastemakers and even Hollywood film executives seduced by his honestly told stories of life’s quiet moments and turning points, relations and temptations, loves and losses. Accompanied by musical partner Samantha Yonack’s pure harmonies, Hanft creates a modern musical landscape rooted in the raw, yet nuanced strength of his words and performance. He is currently on tour supporting his new album, WEDDINGS OR FUNERALS, recorded at Stockholm’s Decibel Studios and produced by Lasse Marten (Lykke Li, Shout Out Louds, Peter, Bjorn & John).”

Jim will be in Pittsburgh tomorrow night at Club Cafe opening for Neil Halstead. My thanks to him for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

Thanks, Jim. It’s funny as I prepare this post, the Steelers-Eagles game has just started. Will be interesting to see how the game turns out and if you mention it tomorrow.