Let me start out by apologizing about these pictures. I was beyond thrilled to be able to shoot this show. I am by no means the punk aficionado, but the guy is a legend in my eyes and I was so psyched. Usually we photogs get three songs, no flash. No problem. I ask Rambo how many tunes I get in the pit? He’s counting…eh, five. FIVE?!? SWEET! I’m sure to get a bunch. The band comes out and …it’s darker than Brillobox. No kidding, I am trying all my tricks and nothing. Where’s the light, lighting guy? So I snap like crazy just to hopefully get a few and my camera bunks out because I am pushing it. Bummer. Not to be dismayed I still have THREE songs left and hopefully salvage something out of this night.

That being said, I think these pictures are AWESOME! I love them. What a character he was. I actually had the chance to meet him and he couldn’t have been nicer and funny and cool as I could have never imagined. I have met countless musicians over the years and he definitely ranks at the top as the sweetest of them. Kind of strange.

I also have to give a shout out to my man Joshua who, along with some other super gracious people who really take care of me in this city, allows me to actually live out a dream and I am sincerely and forever grateful for that. Merv’s review here. More photos here.