Tonight there is going to be a cool party on the West End Overlook. Billed as a “Circus on the Mount“, Colonizing The Cosmos is hosting a bunch of sweet bands and activities that hopefully is not a one off gig. The band has become a regular in my listening rotation and I always jump at the opportunity to see them. Guitarist/violists Josh Moyer was kind enough to wrestle over this week’s edition of First/Last Friday.

What is the first album you ever bought?

This is tough to remember, but I think it was Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. It was on tape and I remember listening to it on the stereo in my room while trying to moonwalk like Michael. I purchased it again last year, this time on disc. He was an absolute musical genius.

What is the last album you bought?

At the persistent recommendation of a few friends I recently purchased Dylan’s “Slow Train Coming”. I must confess, it’s my first Dylan album and up until this point, I haven’t listened to him that much at all. However, I was finally convinced to give him a try and thus far, I’m really digging it on all sorts of levels.

Favorite album of all time?

This too is pretty difficult. There are so many albums that I like for all sorts of different reasons. Some because of the music, some because of the lyrical content, and others because they remind me of a particular time in my life. That said, here are the albums that I consistently listen to: James Taylor’s “Greatest Hits Volume 1” (I know it’s cheating to list a greatest hits album), Richard Bona’s “Munia: The Tale”, Bon Iver’s “For Emma, Forever Ago”, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and any album by the Police.

Least favorite/most disappointing album?

Guns N’ Roses – “Spaghetti Incident”. Please, don’t make me talk about it.

First Concert Attended?

Early 90’s (maybe 1993?) – Steve Miller Band at what will always be the Star Lake Amphitheater to me.

Last Concert?

WYEP Summer Music Festival.

Favorite concert ever?

My all around best experience was at a James Taylor show at Star Lake when I was mistaken for one of the venue owner’s sons. My friends and I were welcomed into the owner’s box, center stage where we enjoyed the best food, drink and view in the house. James Taylor is obviously a musical genius too, so that was nice. Another amazing “concert” experience occurred about a year and a half ago when I stopped into AVA for the live jazz on Monday nights. I had gone hoping to hear jazz trumpeter Sean Jones play. About thirty minutes after I got there he walked in wearing a long coat and hat and carrying his trumpet case. He sat down at the bar for a while, had a drink, played a game on his iphone and just listened to the band like the rest of us. About twenty minutes passed, he got up, took off his coat, pulled out his trumpet and played the most amazing solo I have ever heard. He wasn’t just playing the trumpet, though. He was the trumpet and it was unbelievable. If you haven’t heard him yet, you need to.

Least favorite concert?

Can’t remember. That’s a good thing, right?

Any thoughts, experiences about Pittsburgh?

What can I say? It’s my home and the home of all sorts of spectacular family, friends, artists, athletes, professionals, organizations, communities, cultures, etc., etc. I love the city. And I think that there are a lot of promising things happening here, both musically and otherwise.

Thanks, Josh. It amazes me conducting these Q&A’s of how many local musicians aren’t schooled on Dylan yet! I’ll throw you a few rec’s when I see you tonight.