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“Drawing upon the influences of sultry singer-songwriters such as Jim Croce and Ray Lamontagne, Kevin Presbrey’s latest creation Dust Unto Dust is a marriage of the catchy hook and the rootsy americana track you might hear on a early 1970s record. Collaborating with Seattle based producer Ryan Hadlock (The Lumineers, Milo Greene, Ra Ra Riot, Rocky Votolato), Presbrey and drummer Danny Pratt ventured off to Bear Creek Studios in the Pacific Northwest with the intention of finding the organic acoustic sound they mutually enjoyed on their favorite vinyls from bands like America, The Eagles & Fleetwood Mac. In this first departure from Painkiller Hotel, the Dust Unto Dust EP was created with good intentions and a heavy heart. To follow, is the story from the artist… “

Check out Kevin at his official Website, ReverbNation, Facebook, BandCamp, Twitter and Tumblr. He recently released his debut solo album, “Dust Unto Dust“, which draws influences from Jim Croce, The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac. I want to thank Kevin for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

Thanks, Kevin.It always amazes me the non-love given to Scott Stapp. It seems people would rather cozy up to Satan than that guy.