I bashed this performance immediately after and as I think about it, I was sort of in the wrong. I only saw the first few songs because I had to run somewhere else that night, and from what I am told, he recovered from a very shaky start to put on a solid show. Dude’s a living legend so yeah, he gets a pass. Still would have sounded better with a band though. Crappy youtube video(with footage of yours truly in action) here.

So as the Three Rivers Arts Festival came to a close last night, at least for me, I am kicking myself as I write this. Some of my favorite bands and friends are playing on the main stage and I am not there. No worries. I just had to take a break from the picture taking to hang with my lovely family. Some things are more important ya know. Tomorrow as the fest ends officially with Patty Griffin and Buddy Miller, I am taking the less popular route and checking out Dawes at Hartwood. Call me crazy but ‘North Hills’ is totally kicking me arse. Here are my thoughts and images on this year.

My sincerest of thanks go out to my friends at The Cultural Trust who actually have faith in my photographic abilities. It means everything to me. You are wonderful.