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“Songs about love, grieving, and life. Life is temporary, the love that you give is really quite contrary.”

Laika, the Asro-Hound is an indie lo-fi dream pop trio from Johnstown that have a few releases under their belt which you can find over at their BandCamp and SoundCloud pages. Catch them tonight (8/7) at Howler’s as I thank Sean T. Jackson (Piano/Vocals) for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

The first album you ever bought?

It was Goldfinger’s self-titled album, in the 5th grade. I remember the cashier had a mo-hawk. She asked me if I thought my mother would mind me listening to this. I said no, of course she wouldn’t, and the cashier let me buy it.

Your last album bought?

Last new album: Sufjan Stevens’ “Carrie and Lowell.” The material for that record spoke in volumes to me; it’s very similar to what I feel that I’ve been writing about. It really shows the grieving process in those songs. I also recently bought a copy of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds’ “Murder Ballads,” on vinyl, but that’s nothing new and exciting.

Favorite album of all time?

Hardest question ever. I would probably say “Control,” by Pedro the Lion. It is the best example of what I think a “concept album,” or a “story album” (or whatever you want to call it) that I have encountered. “Priests and Paramedics” is such an intense song.

Least favorite/most disappointing album?

Hilariously enough, I still consider Weezer’s “Green Album” to be the biggest musical let down of my life. I remember hearing they were going to release a new record, and it was just after I discovered Pinkerton (so probably the year 2000 or so.)… I think every guy that’s my age and grew up listening to what I listen to make that exact same claim though.

First concert attended?

My uncle took me to see Steely Dan when I was 9, my brother took me to see Phish when I was 11. When I was 14, I got to see the Anniversary at Club Laga. That was the first show that I went to with just friends.

Last concert?

Just saw Sebadoh. They sounded great! Probably just as good as they ever did.

Favorite concert ever?

Depends on if we’re talking “local” or “stadium-ish”… Locally, in Johnstown, we had such a tight community of musicians. Some of my favorite shows were the ones that all my friends played. On a larger scale, probably Radiohead, although honestly, seeing Sufjan Stevens a few months ago in Columbus was pretty incredible. Not trying to jock him continuously, but the guy is a great performer, and his band are equally great.

Least favorite concert?

The first time I saw Modest Mouse, they were extremely late and played for probably 45 minutes total. That was a complete disappointment.

Favorite thoughts, experiences about Pittsburgh?

Last year, shortly after leaving this jam band, I discovered this Wild Kindness records showcase at Cattivo as part of Rock All Night. Loved seeing Chet Vincent & the Big Bend, and loved Sleep Experiments; just kept thinking how happy I was to see that there is still a thriving scene for that kind of music in this area. In the last few weeks, Laika, the Astro-Hound played Roboto Project, and played a house show in Lawrenceville (Spider House: good dudes!) Also got to meet the guys from Hills and the Rivers recently. I love the area because it has so much talent, and every musician I come across seems to be doing their best to create something totally their own. I love that we don’t necessarily have a single “Pittsburgh” sound that can be categorized (i.e. if you say “Seattle,” or “Portland,” a specific type of music comes to mind.)

Thanks, Sean. Should be a great show tonight. Lat year’s R.A.N.T. was so great. Can’t wait for this year!