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“Levek is the multifaceted project bearing the surname of front man, songwriter and musical jack-of-all-trades, David Levesque. The first showing of Levek’s versatility surfaced back in 2009, when a handful of a capella cover songs, embellished with what would become his signature Mickey Mouse tribal sound, became an overnight viral phenomenon. His deep-rooted infatuation with Disney nostalgia traces back to the childhood he spent overseas, where the only thing he could get his hands on were vintage VHS tapes from the company’s vault.”

Check out the band on Facebook, BandCamp and Twitter. As part of my coverage of the Paste 50 States Project, I return to Florida with Levek. The band’s latest effort is “Look a Little Closer” from 2012 and I want to thank songwriter David Levesque (Keys/Vocals) for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

Thanks, David. If you ever make it up this way, drop a line. Maybe we can put a gig together.