The cool folks at Roxian Live were kind enough to have me come into the newest Pittsburgh venue The Roxian Theatre, located in McKees Rocks, to take a few snaps of the brand new space.
The design is modern but compliments the remaining and refurbished ceiling and bas relief designs on the exterior.
With the venue capable of holding between 675-1411 capacity, depending on the seats or no seats setup for any given event, the main room is a wide stage level area located behind the soundboard and a large pit right before the stage which can hold 94 seats when not general admission. Above are 365 permanent seats in the balcony area, including a VIP space which can hold 60 with a private bar all its own. That would be one of three full bars, a second one behind the balcony and the largest on the main floor. There will be 20 rotating taps featuring local and craft beers and if you are an Untappd app user, you are in luck as they they will be participating as well. Most shows will be all-ages, even with alcohol served but there may be 21+ shows. There is no kitchen but plans are to have 1-6 food trucks next to the building depending on the weather. Food stays outside, though.
Street parking can be found around the venue and they also have spaces behind back (where the annual Feastival takes place.) The venue is working with Rite Aid a few blocks away to be able to use their lot which has more than enough parking for a sell out show.

The first two shows are a free ones with The New Mastersounds both this Thursday (5/9) and Friday (5/10).

I want to thank box office manager and publicist Alex Neal for the tour and special thanks to Lindsay Dragan for the incomparable ‘guitar poses!’

“Lindsay Dragan is a Pittsburgh-based garage folk artist. You can catch her as a solo act and a full band on local, national, and international stages.”

Lindsay Dragan is a singer-songwriter originally from Brooklyn and now residing in Pittsburgh who can be seen out on a regular basis in the flourishing open mic scene in town. Her debut from a few years ago, Be Good to Yourself is a beautiful indie folk pop collection of songs both personal and universal. She is taking part in a very special show tonight (Tuesday, 4/17) at Brillobox supporting ex-Pgh artist and blog fave Roger Harvey as he stops back in town along with his family of songwriter friends for a celebration of his latest release. Seriously, Paul Luc, Emily Rodgers, Anthony Heubel and Chris 2? What a lineup! This is going to be one hell of a show. I want to thank Lindsay for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

This sounds so cliché and cheesy, but of the several places I’ve lived, nothing feels as deeply like home as Pittsburgh. I feel like a part of the land here. Also, raising my daughter in the city has been a pretty awesome experience so far.

Thanks, Lindsay. Shhhh on that Wilco pick. They have some pretty fervent defenders. Personally I love them but I can see how they can be boring to some… or most.