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Greg Dutton Club Cafe
Wednesday, January 25, 2012 Southside

As much as I dig The Wreckids and as much as I know very little about Jaymay, I wanted to trek out last night for one reason only. I had never seen a solo set by Lohio’s main man Greg. He mainly played new tunes (here’s hoping some of it will be recorded/released soon!) and although the band’s future is somewhat up in the air(?), it was reassuring to see no less than three of his Lohio mates in the room for support. Hmmm…who’s down for helping start a “We want more Dutton!” campaign?

My friends in Lohio are doing the seemingly more popular Kickstarter route to raise funds for the production of a professional music video for the song Adelai off their awesome new EP. There are all kinds of unique rewards to entice you to donate to the cause and with 8 days to go, they still need to raise around $1300. For what it’s worth, they are way cool and talented people so you can feel real good about helping them out. Get the all the info here. I have set up an easy to view widget of their remaining progress to the left of this page. Some way cool video here.

Lohio is wrapping up their very first ever cross-Midwest-extravaganza-tour tonight (Sunday 10/3) with yet another CD release show at Brillobox. Their tourmates and brethren in all things music Donora are also playing and I am confident that after a few weeks on the road together, this will be one tight as hell show. The release is a new EP entitled Family Tree and I had the pleasure of hearing some of it live at the last Liquid Sundays. I have to say I get worried when a band loses and replaces multiple members over time but with the anchor Greg has with Liz, I just love the direction that the band is going in.

Lohio So I have been posting these little questionnaires lately. The page view stats from readers have been overwhelming when I featured local musicians. In honor of that, I am making it a weekly feature to be posted every Friday throughout summer!

The Three Rivers Arts Fest starts today and headlining the local music showcase next Saturday, June 12 is no stranger to this blog, Lohio.

Starting today, appropriately enough, Greg was nice to enough to participate in this inaugural edition of First/Last Friday.

It seems like forever since I have seen Lohio play. Their newest EP has REALLY been growing on me. Not that I wasn’t enjoying it when I first heard it, it’s just that it has quickly become my favorite release of theirs. They started off the set with a couple slow tunes from said EP and semi-apologized for the lack of rock which was not necessary at all. I love a kinder, gentle Lohio!

Rediscovering old photos is always fun. I stumbled upon this and wondered why I never posted it? It’s a a tad rough for sure (as was most of my stuff then) but not bad at all. This was the first time I saw Lohio play and I believe the first time I met these guys. Nice.

As anyone knows me or this blog, I have a MAJOR fanboy thang for Lohio. There was no way I was gonna miss the EP release show. Turns out I almost did due to being late because of a family commitment. I got to the top of the steps and was informed that’s it’s sold out. Who saves the day but my man Greg. Thanks buddy. Unfortunately, my camera decides to totally bunk out on me during the set and my photos are crap. Talk about frustrating. It was dark and the fact that I am in dire need of bifocals never helped. I suppose I have seen Brillobox as crowded before but nothing like what it was at the lip of the stage as they played. I was unbelievably TOO close for photos. Anyway, they sounded fantastic as always and I love the EP.

Lohio has been one of my favorite bands for awhile now and it was extremely cool for me to hang with them as they record new music for a fall release. A huge thanks to the band and Jake for letting me attend. As a fan, it was such a thrill to be able to be there as they flesh out an as of yet untitled song. The new tunes are really good. Man, I love local music right now.

I got an e-mail from Mariage Blanc’s Josh letting me know that there was a party they were having and if I wanted to come. Yeah, sure. He also mentioned that his band, Lohio, The Harlan Twins, Meeting Of Important People, Horse Or Cycle, and Donora were playing too. Um…HECK YEAH! Unfortunately, I couldn’t hang late and with nights like this being loose and all, I missed some of the bands. The setup was way cool with a recording studio adjacent to the practice space under their apartment. The lighting was minimal at best so the photos aren’t that great but still, a killer place they have there. Thanks so much fellas.

Going into this night, I hadn’t realized that this would be the Pittsburgh debut of the band’s new line-up. Besides sounding REALLY good, it was awesome to see that the former members and several other friends of the band were not only in attendance but enthusiastically cheering them on. Very, very cool!

LohioDonora CD Release Show Friday December 19, 2008 Rex Theater Southside

I could see this band anytime. The new album is great and they songs are killer live. I love it when the band rocks out. My favorite song by the band is ‘Fainting Goats’ off the first release. There is a sweet acoustic version streaming on their webpage from a radio session. So, so killer! What I want to know is how can a guy get the rest of the session?

Southside Brewhouse Gallery I am hoping there is new Lohio music this year. It’s comforting to know that one of my favorite bands right now is local.