“Lullaby Engine formed its current lineup in 2012. Bassist Jonathan Bagamery, after a two year stint with longtime Pittsburgh punks Liverball, culled a backlog of original riffs and pop song structures dating to his days with Western Pennsylvania group Paris Green. In lyricist and lead vocalist Rexa Rae, he saw the chance to unearth unrecorded gems while integrating a high powered vocal, a talent new to the scene. The blending of the old chemistry with new ingredients, namely Rexa’s smoky vocal and sultry lyricism layered over novel rock frameworks, mixes an irresistible potion, stirring avid dreams in even the most disaffected listener.”

The band takes part in a showcase featuring female fronted rock bands this Friday at The Fallout Shelter along with The Awful Waffles and Wings of Armor. My thanks to Bill Merante (Drums), Jonathan Bagamery (Bass), Rexa Rae (Vocals), and Stephen McMillen (Guitar) for taking a few to participate in this edition of First/Last.

Thanks, guys. Girls rockin’ out? Sounds like a really fun night!