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“Melo is an indie-rock band that sounds similar to American Football smashed with Pinback. Take these sounds and add a bi of post-hardcore snarl and you get close to describing it. Intertwining melodies, concussive rhythms and impassioned vocals define this Pittsburgh trio.”

I want to introduce you to Melo, an alt-rock band from Pittsburgh that recently released their debut “Leaf E.P.” The band’s influences are alt-rockers Pinback, The Pillows, Kyuss, and Thursday. I want to thank Shane Montgomery (Drums), Forrest C. Wheeler (Guitar/Backing Vocals) and John JP Perry (Bass/Lead Vocals) for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

First album you ever bought?

Thanks, guys. Looking forward to seeing you play out sometime soon. And Shane, your first album is almost always supposed to be too embarrassing to mention… that’s kind of the point, man.