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“skibitty dibbity doo dang…..silly/sad cello songs. Verbose, nerdy chamber pop!”

Midge Crickett is a Pittsburgh songwriter who’s main instrument is the cello. She brings her quirky chamber folk style to her new album “A Dragon is Not Your Friend“. As a member of Middle Children and The Fuckies, she leaves those bozos behind and will hopefully have cello in hand (and ukulele if we are lucky) this Saturday (5/16) at Modern Formations for a solo gig. I want to thank her for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

The first album you ever bought?

When I was very little, probably 5 or so, my sisters and I begged our mom to buy us THRILLER by Michael Jackson. We used to put on her red lipstick and kiss the album cover.

Your last album bought?

At the last record fest at Belvedere’s here in Pittsburgh, I came away with Motley Crue SHOUT AT THE DEVIL, Dave Clark Five GLAD ALL OVER and Victor Borge CAUGHT IN THE ACT.

Favorite album of all time?

Oh man, this is hard but I will go with HIGHWAY 61 REVISITED by Bob Dylan. I just love it… I love all those words… some may argue too many words but I am a big fan of too many words.

Least favorite/most disappointing album?

I don’t have a least favorite album, but I have an unreasonable hatred for the Neil Diamond song CRACKLING ROSIE. I think it is the worst song ever written. It makes me angry when I hear it. I don’t even particularly dislike Neil Diamond but there’s just SOMETHING about that song that makes me want to vomit all over the place… maybe something I should take up with my therapist.

First concert attended?

I saw THE MONKEES on their 20th reunion tour in 1986 at The Chautauqua Institute. The reruns of the TV show were really popular at time and I was totally hot for Peter Tork.

Last concert?

I go to a lot of local live shows. The last one was BLOD MAUD, ROBIN VOTE and DREAM PHONE at the Brillo Box… totally kickass and amazing!

Favorite concert ever?

I saw GUIDED BY VOICES at Graffiti here in Pittsburgh in June of 1996. I was seventeen years old and had never been to a show like that before… It was a truly a life changing experience.

Least favorite concert?

Again, I don’t really have a least favorite concert but I have been to some local shows that have featured NOISE artists that are just downright painful to watch. I know some local NOISE bands/artists that are super talented and do really interesting stuff, but I think that sort of thing is very hit or miss. There have been times when it has seemed to be nothing more than an interminable ungodly screeching racket that makes my head throb and causes pain to radiate throughout my entire body.

Favorite thoughts, experiences about Pittsburgh?

I grew up in Uniontown about an hour southwest of here, so Pittsburgh was always the BIG city for me. I can remember coming here for shows and sporting events as a little kid and bursting out of the Liberty Tubes with the view of downtown like… BANG right in front of me!!! My heart would literally POUND with excitement because of what a beautiful knockout of a city it is. I have lived here for 13 years and I STILL feel that way. I guess it is like staying in love with your childhood sweetheart or something.

Thanks, Meg. I am thinking just for you, I am going to get someone to produce an ungodly noise cover version of Neil Diamond’s ‘Cracklin’ Rosie’. Just. For. You.