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Midlake finally came to town on a cold April night this year. As always, Pittsburgh was on the second or third leg of a band’s tour and thinking that, I was expecting a lackluster performance. Lucky for us, they recently released a killer of an album and the band was in excellent form. Of one of the seemingly few people who were there that night at Diesel, I can attest how awesome they were. Eric is the lead guitarist in the band. He was kind enough to participate in the First/Last 2010 countdown.

This was a decent show. I like their albums a lot and was actually surprised that they announced a Pittsburgh show. It always seemed to me that we got passed up by most of the ‘cool’ indie bands in the last several years but for some reason we are finally a ‘viable’ town for bands to play in? I hope that trend continues. It wasn’t too crowded which is always a bonus for getting different angles and Diesel is such a great place for taking pictures anyway. They were at times a bit sleepy but more than made up for it when they were ‘on’. Totally nice dudes to boot.