Some random band shots from Saturday, August 7, 2021 in Millvale.

Adam Fitz at Mr. Smalls Café


Skye Light at Lumberjaxes


Coltt Winter Lepley at Gardens Solo/Duo Stage


Dirty Old Mill at Gardens Main Stage


The Bleepy Things at Lumberjaxes


King Fez at Sedgwick St. Art District


Le’s Oriental at Gap Park


Byron Nash at Gap Park


Rippin’ Cigs at Butler St. Art District


The Mixus Brothers at Gardens Main Stage


Austen Kerr at Gardens Solo/Duo Stage


Rebel Revolver at Grist House


Trevor Thomas’ Border Radio at Cousins Lounge


Dan Getkin and the Twelve Six at Millvale Community Library


Addi Twigg at Millvale Community Library


Ten Thousand Dollars Cash at Sedgwick St. Art District


Chip & The Charge Ups at Gap Park


Gabriella Salvucci at Mr. Smalls Café