I wasn’t expecting much from this set. Knowing that the band was essentially Julian from Neutral Milk Hotel and that his ‘solo’ stuff was experimental, minimalist, Eastern European folk, my intent was to get a few shots and patiently wait for openers The Olivia Tremor Control. What an absolute surprise to be wanting more after a quick hour of the trio’s wistful, endearing and more than anything funny ‘performance’. Incorporating music, abstract storytelling, and even an audience participation ‘magic’ trick, it was more absurdest theater than a concert. I for one was game. In case you couldn’t tell, I loved it!

I pretty much love everything Elephant 6. What I love about these guys, apart from their fantastically surreal and psychedelic vibe is how down to earth and totally approachable they all are. Just the nicest bunch of musicians around. Listen to an NPR archived show from a couple days later here.

GNS have been laying low of late. Except for a fantastic set last summer, it’s been a year and change since we’ve heard a peep from them. There is good reason for the silence, they are hard at work on their upcoming album and I was lucky enough to be able to get a taste of what they are coming up with. I have heard early incarnations of the songs, or as they say in musician-speak ‘demos’, and I am so excited to report that this release will be stellar! Stayed tuned for more info here as things materialize.

Aimee Mann Blake Hazard New Hazlett Theater
Wednesday September 22, 2010 Northside

So I was shooting this show for WYEP and as custom, I had to secure a photo pass beforehand. As is more common than not, no one at the venue knew of such pass. These situations take patience and tact and I finally got the go ahead a few minutes before she came on that I had one song to shoot, no flash. As I think I’ve said before, flash is for amateurs and I was able to get a couple decent shots with no problem. Her three piece band sounded really good and she was surprisingly jovial. As an aside, I attempted to shoot the JP, Chrissie & The Fairground Boys show last night and never got a reply for my photo pass request. My buddy who went noticed that my name was indeed on the list and if I would have known, I would have been there. Oh well. More photos here, here and here.

Opener Blake Hazard