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Oakland Simply put, I loved this show. From the opening set by Flock of Dimes to Sharon and her band’s last song, I was amazed how music can enthrall an audience, including me. Read some more love here. My boy posted video (which doesn’t do the performance justice) of practically the whole show here. Bummed that you missed it? Relax, she is returning to Pittsburgh on June 22nd at Schenley Plaza as part of WYEP’s Summer Music Festival! Check out more photos here.

Arriving early as I usually do, I found Julianna already set up and sitting by herself. She was very nice and among other topics, we talked about the media’s perceptions of her and her music and how she herself perceives it. It’s always cool to find out from the musician themselves different aspects of the industry that they ultimately really can’t control. She then played to a full and attentive room. By ‘room’ I mean a cafeteria that turned out wasn’t the awful space it seemed to be before she began. Very cool little set to see.

This was my fifth ‘Souper Bowl‘. The venue change from the now closed Eastside Borders had the crowd spilling out into the stacks. Free music before the big game is always a good time. Check out more photos here.

I love being at a show and recognizing a song that the band is playing from someplace deep in my memory. I cannot tell you where I heard the tune before but it becomes instantly familiar. That was the case as Ra Ra Riot performed their third song of the night. I never saw them play and I don’t know their music all that well, but I have heard and liked ‘Too Dramatic’ and it becomes a sweet little moment for me. You can check out more of my photos from the show here.

Only the second time I have seen the band but have been digging their debut release for awhile so it’s always nice to hear live arrangements of familiar tunes. Strange venue for the band though. The austerity of lecture hall has the audience ‘sitting on their hands’ for every show I have seen there. The band seemed a bit taken aback from the drop dead silence in between songs. Regardless, they soldiered through with a terrific set. I am sure the vibe was quite different at the sold out Brillobox gig this past weekend.

For the second straight year, Bruce and Joe put on a pair of shows that may as well be locks for the best of the year. Scoring a photo pass is probably the most insignificant aspect of the night as I was too busy enjoying the show too really worry about the shooting conditions (which, at the angle I was at, was ass). Who cares, right? How lucky we are to get to see the shows? Pittsburgh rocks for sure! Proper reviews here, here and here. My buddy John got some cool shots of him arriving for sound check here.

I really love going to these college shows. Even though I may turn out to be the oldest fogey in the room, the energy generating from the band to the crowd and vice versa is always great. It was getting crazy during Man Man with the kids going nuts up front for these guys. Cool thing was the band was eating it all up.

Paul Quattrone and Eric Yeschke make up this local duo who specialize in funky electronic instrumentals that was the perfect warm up for the other two bands on the bill. It was cool being in such ornate surroundings as the ballroom grooving to an unusually ‘underground’ sound. Do yourself a favor and seek out and support local music.

The night before the set, I was feeling all kinds of happy and boozily exclaimed on Facebook that I demanded an electric set from Josh for the ‘quiet room’ gig. Threatening to boycott, poor guy had to let me down that it would be him solo and unplugged. Was I going to attend? Of course, I was. I am so glad I did because he ended up playing an hour of the most chill (meaning really, really good) versions of his and cover tunes to a modest but appreciatively attentive crowd. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon at the Library.

Nothing beats a free show outside on a pleasant summer night. Second time catching the band and you can listen to the WYEP interview session they recorded earlier in the day here. More photos here.

Sean Rowe is a NY based singer songwriter who recently released his album “Magic” on ANTI-. He’s been compared to Leonard Cohen and Bill Callahan and just finished opening up for Josh Ritter. He is also a naturalist and has a cool wilderness survivalist blog here. He kicked off WYEP’s summer concert series Final Fridays in Oakland this past week. It was cool to see his merch table which consisted of a box of CDs and a big ‘ole bottle of wine. Nice. More photos here.

This show got some rave reviews in the local music press. Read the love here (thanks for the kind words Brendan!) and here. I cannot help but think that what made this show such a success was the actual venue. It just goes to show that where a band plays is key. On another note, the photo restrictions from Callahan’s tour manager was kind of odd. Instead of the usual first three songs, I was asked to shoot songs 4-6. Being the pro that I am, I was cool with that, even though I could have been a jerk and easily ignored the request. Those days are way behind me.

A rock trio haling from Austin, these guys came on stage, played a perfunctory set and quickly packed up and left. I don’t recall them saying anything the whole time. Not to say that weren’t good, which they were.

I really loved this set. It was incredibly laid back and they sounded so good. The band seemed to be having so much fun which is nice to see once in awhile. A bonus was having former band members and Pittsburgh residents Jennifer and Jeff Baron join them for a few tunes. More photos here.

This show began an exciting collaboration between two of the Carnegie Museums in Pittsburgh. The Warhol and Museum of Art teamed up to bring ‘indie’ music to a new performance space that turned out to be just exactly perfect. I couldn’t find one negative aspect about seeing a show in the Sculpture Garden. It was roomy, relaxed, and most importantly, sounded great. Plans are to continue these shows next summer which I am definitely all for. Joy and the gals had the unique distinction to kick things off. More photos here.

I really love these library sets. There’s nothing like seeing a band play in unorthodox settings. Really looking forward to their upcoming debut release.

Presented by Calliope, what amazed me is that Patty is celebrating her 25th year as a performer. I hadn’t realized she had been around that long. Along with opener Merrie Armstrong, the crowd ate up her solid acoustic folk.

Photo courtesy the band

Today I feature what could possibly be the luckiest band in Pittsburgh this weekend. Legs Like Tree Trunks are college students who are opening an extremely high profile free gig for Ke$ha on Sunday afternoon in the heart of Oakland. The band won the spot in a competition for musicians who attend Pitt. They take the stage at 1:30 (Ke$ha @3p.m.) and this should turn out to be a massive crowd for them to perform in front of. Get a taste of the band with a live radio session here. Bandmates Matt and Dave were cool enough to participate in this “dude, are all those people here for us?” installment of First/Last Friday.

The first album you ever bought?

Matt Holden: I think I traded a chocolate bar for one of my cousin’s Spice Girls cassette when I was five. Pretty sure I got swindled there. On my 13th birthday, my parents gave me OK Computer by Radiohead and Room on Fire by The Strokes. Those two records were and still are huge influences.

Dave Cerminara: I bought a Collective Soul record along with the Space Jam soundtrack all in the same trip to the mall when I was like 8. After that the next record I clearly remember buying was Full Collapse by Thursday when I was 12.

Thanks fellas. Have a blast on Sunday. Any way you can score me a photo pass now that you’re big time!

This is a relatively new band on the local scene. They have been playing out to some high praise lately and have a gig coming up at Brillobox on April 2nd. Discovering new Pittsburgh bands people…that’s what it’s all about!

This show was really good. Really. The band sounded excellent and if you took away the fact that almost everybody in the room was patiently waiting to hear more Zep tunes, I think that the anticipation factor unfairly lessened the show impact.

On a photographic note, we were relegated to the back of the floor. No PIT shots again tonight. Oh, well. As a fellow photog pointed out, once the musician is over fifty, your shooting from the back of the room. HA! His shots turned out really nice, then again my man had a $6,000 lens!

The North Mississippi Allstars opened the night as a duo and while I can appreciate the drums and electric blues vibe, it bores me after awhile. More photos here and here.