“Odd Hours is heavily influenced by 80’s post-punk and 90’s industrial music – they mix sexy to aggressive vocals with raunchy guitar and spacey ukulele.”

Odd Hours is an indie electro post-pop band who’s latest release norepinephrine + dopamine will certainly be featured as the band hits Pittsburgh on Friday (12/18) at the Smiling Moose for the late show with local blog faves Action Camp, Egomyth, and Atlas. Join me in thanking Natasha Beste (Keys/Vocals) for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

The first album you ever bought?

Madonna Like a Prayer. Madonna is what sparked my interest in performing. She’s pretty bad ass for doing what she’s wanted to do and for this long. I like how she changes and morphs herself and doesn’t apologize for it.

Your last album bought?

HEALTH Death Magic. We are seeing them in a few weeks and can’t wait. This new album is so hot. I run to it outside and pretend that I’m in a music video with things just blowing out around me and monsters running after me. Ah!

Favorite album of all time?

NIN The Downward Spiral. This really got me into sampling and modifying sounds and mixing dance with rock – I was twelve. Just a great go to album I can listen to all the way through a million times. Second favorite right now is Kanye’s Yeezus, no joke. That was so loud and powerful. Tim and I both wasted that album on repeat.

Least favorite/most disappointing album?

Honestly, I always give albums multiple tries. I’ve been pleasantly surprised more than disappointed. But actually, now that I think of it, I tried listening to non-radio Nicki Minaj songs and they were all horrible. I love her flow and her style so I was pretty upset with that.

First concert attended?

NIN + David Bowie 1994 Tour at The Palace in Auburn Hills, MI. I recorded it with a small cassette tape recorder and still have the tape. My mom took me, it was great.

Last concert?

Queen Kwong at Small’s in Hamtrack, MI. I guess Wes Borland and his girl just moved here to Detroit. I hope they like it. We like it. They had a good crowd and it was fun.

Favorite concert ever?

Any Marilyn Manson show ever. Some people think he’s cheesy or just disregard him altogether but he has such a great sense of humor and is so fun to watch. Tim and I have seen him several times together and it’s always a great bonding experience for us.

Least favorite concert?

The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s. Tim’s gonna kill me because he loves them and I still like them but it was just a boring venue maybe and the show was just blah.

Any thoughts, experiences about Pittsburgh?

We’ve never been! I hope we entertain the pants off people. We love meeting new people too, so please say hi!

Thanks, Natasha. That’s a killer bill you got lined up at The Moose on Friday. Hope you have a great night!