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Thanks guys. As I mentioned before, I really love the album! Have fun tomorrow.

Pet Clinic House Rehearsal
January, 17, 2012 Troy Hill

The band is preparing to release their debut LP (on vinyl, no less) at The Shop on February 11. They were cool enough to send me a preview and I have been cranking it for over a week now. I wanted to hear this live and it worked out I could ‘sit in’ on one of their practices. I’ve said this before, there’s nothing like a ‘personal’ concert as a band plays to a room of…me. So great. I have to warn those of you attending the gig, this band is LOUD! Imagine being surrounded by the band as I was in that little room? It was awesome! As I went to leave, the band kept roaring on downstairs and I couldn’t believe that the dishes in the kitchen cupboard were actually rattling. Yeah, bring some earplugs to The Shop. I’ll have more on the band before the show.