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I am starting a new feature today that will sporadically highlight some other blogs in town. It’s great living in Pittsburgh and being a music lover right now. Besides the incredible musical talent popping up constantly, there are many of us who live here and are working hard to promote the wide array of musicians and bands that are homegrown. One such blog is The Pittsburgh Scene. Starting out as a destination to find MP3’s of bands material, it has blossomed into a site that features band links, concert reviews, a concert calendar, and a round up of local music news. Their newest feature is a classified section for musicians to interact and assist each other, whether it’s looking for equipment or people to fill a spot for a gig.

As a relatively small (but growing!) community of bloggers, it’s awesome and imperative that we all support each other. Our main goal is promoting music, mainly local. Craig at the Scene is no different and I sincerely wish my man well in doing what he does! You should too.