Emily was interested in some full band promo photos and I was more than happy to oblige. I really loved the museum setting. Nothing like some cool artwork as a background. If you are in a band and would like to work together, feel free to contact me at manhugh1@comcast.net!

Two of my favorite bands decided to make a pair of short horror films and they will screen them tonight along with full sets by both. Dress up in your full Halloween regalia and have a blast. I love the fact that both these bands think of cool ways to put on shows. Here’s a couple shots from behind the scenes. As an aside, you may not know, I was an aspiring filmmaker once. Evidence here.

It seems like forever since I have seen Lohio play. Their newest EP has REALLY been growing on me. Not that I wasn’t enjoying it when I first heard it, it’s just that it has quickly become my favorite release of theirs. They started off the set with a couple slow tunes from said EP and semi-apologized for the lack of rock which was not necessary at all. I love a kinder, gentle Lohio!

This was my first time at the newly opened Calliope stage in the basement of the PCA. Very casual space with killer sound which was perfect for Emily’s music.