I do like the Rex. Since Ben’s put in a new lighting grid what’s not to like, right? Getting some easy, awesome shots has become a breeze, no, a joy to shoot there. But considering the GA floor without any space between audience and stage, that makes getting up close work. What kind of work you ask? Well, you either be patient and stand for two hours at the lip of the dusty stage (no disrespect but every stage in this town is dirty) and claim your spot or, as I have found out a couple of times this past week, wait until the opener is about to come on and drunkenly elbow your way through with any disregard to anyone or anything in your way. Not being a Prima donna or anything, it’s just not worth it to me anymore. Guess who has two thumbs and will only shoot soundcheck from now on? This dude.

The bands were cool, sure. My photos are bangin’ as usual, I’m not shy. It’s just that getting beer spilled on your pants, and worse, your lens kinda sucks. You think I sound bitter now, wait until my Deer Tick review, UGGGGH…You can check out some Jesca Hoop fawning here. More photos here.