When meeting one of your absolute teenage musical idols and you are only permitted to have ONE item for him to sign, what’s a fanboy to choose? I decide on my favorite Pink Floyd picture of the rare 5 piece version of the band. Love it!

“It always amazes me to see the end result of what started as a few scribbles on a piece of paper.”-Gerald Scarfe I am an avid reader. I’ll read just about anything but I really enjoy non-fiction. In this new feature on the blog, I will give quick capsule reviews of books that focus on rock and roll.

I stumbled upon this lavishly illustrated book and immediately had to have it. As a long time die-hard Floyd fan, I always appreciated the imagery that was so integral to the band and it’s music. The man largely responsible for that has finally gathered his work which focuses mainly with various aspects of The Wall productions but also includes insight to all his various associations with Pink Floyd and Roger Waters throughout the years, including the new 2010 touring show of The Wall.

Early drawings of the famous flower sequence that took seven years to complete!

The book is beautifully designed with ideas, sketches, and final results with detailed commentary from the surviving members of the Floyd as well as Alan Parker, the director of the film.

It’s incredibly fascinating to see how Waters’ and Scarfe’s imaginations developed into the crazy visuals that are synonymous with the band.

The initial ideas for the main characters for The Wall. It’s amazing that Scarfe rarely threw anything out and NEVER gave anything away. His archives are exhaustive and many images are presented here for the first time.

One of my favorite sections focuses on his collaboration with Waters on ‘The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking’ tour. If you are at all interested in Pink Floyd, I can’t emphasize enough that this book is a must.

I am an unabashedly, unapologetic Roger Waters fanboy geek to the extreme. Growing up I destroyed two cassette copies of The Final Cut, The Wall, and The Pros And Cons Of Hitchhiking each by listening to them constantly (thanks Columbia Records, for your crappy product BTW). I have seen him live several times beginning in 1987 during the Radio KAOS tour. As my musical tastes have naturally grown over the years, I will always have a soft spot for everything Floyd. He still ranks as one of my top 5 favorite songwriters to this day. I had the chance to ‘meet’ the guy as his plane landed for the night’s show and we had the opportunity to get one item signed. My Sophie’s Choice moment came and I decided on my favorite Pink Floyd picture ever. As for the show, my expectations were exceeded tenfold. The sound and visuals were absolutely stunning. As evidenced, I didn’t score a photo pass for the show, which was kind of a blessing because I was there as a fan and was able to enjoy it that much more. Excuse the less than professional cellphone and point and shoot photos. More shaky pics here.