Seldon Hunt produced image courtesy of the band’s MySpace

We are taking a well deserved left turn here on the blog today. Hunted Creatures are a band that specializes in ambient, experimental music. A cleansing of the palate of sorts from all the humdrum indie pop I tend to focus on. They are playing a gig this Friday with a whole mess of other bands and if you like what you hear from the sampling of the links provided, go out and see them. It appears this is the last local gig for the near future. Continuing this special week long First/Last segment is band member Ryan Emmett, who stresses that his views do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the others in the group. Duly noted.

The first album you ever bought?

I can’t exactly remember… I have memories of a 99 cent CD of Mozart’s “Jupiter Symphony” but also of the Beastie Boys’ “Sounds Of Science”. I remember my dad cracking up at the idea of the Beastie Boys having an anthology album in 1999. Actually, it is pretty funny.

Your last album bought?

A Dead 3xLP bootleg titled “Farewell to Winterland”. It’s the audio recording of what later became one of their most popular DVDs. The set is outstanding and the cover is the best ever with Jerry smiling real big holding out an empty wine glass. Big ups to Mind Cure Records for the hook up.

Favorite album of all time?

That’s a very tough call. I sincerely can’t pick one because it’s so hard todecide what is a culmination of all music styles and perspectives all expressed in one album. Even if that was possible it would probably be really shitty mess honestly. Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme” might possibly be one of the most sublime albums of all time though. It hits hard on all fronts.

Least favorite/most disappointing album?

I can actually answer this. William Brittelle’s “Mohair Time Warp” is one of the worst albums I’ve heard in my life. Total clusterfuck. I wrote a review of this for Foxy Digitalis where I stated, “I haven’t hated an album this much in a very long time.” This guy is going to track me down and try to beat me up.

First concert attended?

Smashmouth when I was 14. There was so much weed at that gig.

Last concert?

Like in an arena type deal? I saw Furthur in Buffalo this summer. I was impressed; they did pretty bang up versions of Bird Song and Dark Star. Locally, I was at the VIA Festival… that was outstanding. And before that saw Aaron Dilloway, Spykes, Failing Lights and Dog Lady at an Oakland house gig. Those dudes all slay so much. Wolf Eyes had a huge influence on me when I was 17, as with thousands of other 17 year olds I am sure, have toured the world numerous times, been on the cover of Wire, had features in mainstream music publications and yet they are the most real down to earth guys who just like listening to Brain Handle on a cell phone drinking beers in someone’s basement.

Favorite concert ever?

Smashmouth when I was 14. There was so much weed at that gig.

Least favorite concert?

Any where you’re touring and nobody shows up, the creepy ass prick promoter doesn’t even offer you $5 for gas and you have to smoke shitty weed in a shitty motel outside of Detroit praying that the trucker addicts in the parking lot don’t break into your room and that the domestic violence in the room next door will be quiet when it’s time to sleep. And the toilet backs up getting shit water all over the bathroom floor. That is my least favorite gig. Hey Dustin, you’re an asshole.

Favorite thoughts, experiences about Pittsburgh?

Pierogies rule but the weather sucks and Bloomfield is charming but kind of a dump. Also, too much hatin’ on Yuengling. Great beer.

Thanks Ryan, I appreciate it. There is something hypnotic about your sound that I really love. Never pegged you as a ‘DeadHead’. Come to think of it, that whole ‘Space’ vibe they practically invented…